Photo-Finish Friday…

This photo was taken in Malta a few years ago.  It is called “The Blue Hole”.  It’s a dive site but the end of a dive.  We had to trek across some rocks, take a jump of about twenty feet into the sea and then dive through a series of caves and we then came up into what you see in the photo.  Spectacular!!

This was also taken in Malta, on the return to the hotel from the above dive site.  For those of you that were unfortunate enough to have seen Robin Williams’s portrayal of Popeye, then you might recognise the above place.  It’s the actual town that was purpose built for the film.  You can actually go round it and enter the buildings, but we couldn’t be bothered…..that or we were too tight!

Photo-Finish Friday is the creation of Leah J. Utas




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15 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…

  1. Interesting pic, David. The procedure hits several of my fears, but it is fascinating.Interesting about the town, too. I don't think I'd bother either.

  2. That first picture would conjure up a few stories! Hey, David – you should host a fiction challenge inspired by a weekly photo!! (or has someone else already done that?)As to the second photo, I notice that Scottish 'tightness' has rubbed off on you…!(Well, it cheered me up anyway, and goodness knows I need that today!)

  3. Unfortunately, I have seen that movie & thus recognized that photo. I won't hold it against you. 🙂

  4. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I loved R.W. Popeye – yes that town looks familiar.And that Blue Hole is beautiful! Worth renewing my dive permit, though mine was only open water – don't you have to have extra training for cave and wreck diving?Thanks for sharing, David.

  5. Great pics and the added commentary made me so envious, as I love a good adventure. My first thought when I saw pic 1; man I would love to jump into that from some height. Around my way, in high school, we used to get liquored up and jump into an abandoned quarry.

  6. Leah – Thanks and it is a fantastci hobby that I, sadly, don't get to do that much any more. Kids eh??Sue – I may just do that. Thanks and hope you're feeling better soon.Randal – Apologies for bringing back some bad memories! :-)Erin – You may be one of very few! 🙂 I was an advance diver when I went on the holiday but took my wreck and mixed gas courses when I was there. I actually got 3/4 way through my "DiveMaster" course and then the kids came along!! They have a lot to answer for. I could have been a diving instructor now, teaching on some exotic island! LOL!! Thanks.Sean – Thanks mate. I learnt to dive in a quarry that had about 2 metre visibility (on a good day) and zero on a bad day. I actually done my rescue course in said quarry in January. The water was 4 degrees with thin layers of ice in places and after one dive, we surfaced and it was snowing. An experience to say the least.

  7. I would have died LONG before I ever made it to the "Blue Hole". (can't swim and have an irrational fear of water- as long as it's not up around my neck I'm okay. Around my neck I have a panic attack! see how much fun I am!)That town looks really cool. I think I would have gone to look at those-Mr.Cheapo. I never had the *ahem* pleasure of seeing Popeye with R.W. :P((Hugs))Laura

  8. Laura – Ha!! Mr Cheapo indeed! Well, you've missed a lot not liking water too much BUT you've not missed much by not seeing "Popeye". 🙂

  9. That's my kind of adventure, David. Marvelous photos, sir.

  10. David – Thanks, man. It certainly was an adventure and there weremore cave diving adventures. We also took a trip to a "pub" that was Oliver Reed's favourite drinking hole! A week of excellence!!

  11. Cool! That second photo actually looks like a painting.

  12. The Blue Holes is a great shot. The second, as Laurita noted, looks like a drab painting with a few flashes of colour.

  13. Laurita & Alan – Thank you. The "blue hole" is a lot bigger than it looks in the photo. It's about 15 metres in diameter, but then the photo doesn't really do it justice. The second photo is as it looks. Dusty and worn out. Lots of character, I thought…..unlike the film that was shot there!!

  14. Dude! Greetings from somewhere in the Atlantic heading south toward Key West. Got to run, this shit is costing me a fortune.

  15. Holy crap! As soon as I opened it, I said THIS looks like 'Popeye'!! Love it. I saved the pic!

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