Hap…Hap…Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s Eve, but it’s still Friday so here’s my contribution to Photo-Finish Friday.  I felt I needed to put something warm up today.  For some reason, New Year is a bit of a downer for people.  It’s like we’re neither here nor there, the celebrations are almost over and things seem so far away.

Well, this photo was taken at the end of a lonnng laaazzzy day lay on the beach in the Maldives (Pre kids).  A beautiful place with awesome scuba diving.  Hope it makes you look forward to a great 2011 with holidays and relaxation in mind.

Photo-Finish Friday is the creation of Leah J. Utas.   Please check out her blog here.

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The following song was a huge hit in November 1977, staying at the number one spot for 9 weeks.  The reason for this is that it brings so many memories back for me and it always reminds me of New Year.  Family parties and taking a sly sip of my dad’s beer or my mums martini and lemonade.  Ah, fantastic days!!
And who’d have thought that years later I’d be living not an hour or so away from where the video was shot!
Whatever you are doing, enjoy yourselves and stay safe.  Thanks for all your continued support over the past year and I look forward to seeing you all in 2011!
Thank you and enjoy the song!!!



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20 responses to “Hap…Hap…Happy New Year!

  1. Beautiful picture! Gee, you and your wife did quite a bit of traveling pre-kids, didn't you? 🙂 I love that song! I'd forgotten about it actually. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. :)Again, Happy New Year!((Hugs))Laura

  2. I always enjoyed Mull of Kintyre though it wasn't released as an A side here in the US.Happy New Year, David. On to '11 >>>

  3. Ah, the pre kids days. Cool picture and I really liked the Wings songs, especially when the bagpipes come in.. Sneaking swigs off parents drinks- now those are some fond memories! Happy New Year Dave, and everyone else!

  4. Laura – Yes we did. I sometimes wish we'd had kids a bit younger but then we'd have very few memories to share with them. Thanks!!David – Yes sir, on to 2011! All the best!

  5. Smashing pics!Have a good one Dave!

  6. Sean – Memories are what we have and nobody can take them away. Paul – Thanks, mate. Have a good one too!

  7. Thanks for the trip to the beach.Happy New Year, David.

  8. Happy New Year to you and yours, David. Cool piccie BTW.Best.

  9. Lovely photo!Mull of Kintyre was one of the songs my dad played on the bagpipes, and my sister and I sang. Thanks for the memories!Happy New Year!

  10. We did the same at the family parties, Dave. Nice pic, but I prefer the Scottish lochs 'n' mountains in the snow – does that make me a miserable old git? :)As for the tune – classic. All the best to you 'n' yours, mate. Let's hope someone influential notices your writing talents in the new year.Regards,Col

  11. Mull of Kintyre…great song selection there, David. Always loved that one, maybe it was the bagpipes. Best wishes from the Davidson Clan to the Barber Clan in 2011!

  12. Leah – You're welcome. Alan G – Cheers bud. Have a great one!Bag Lady – Glad I could ablige with the memories.Col – Yes, let's hope! I love the tune. Soooo many memories. Love to you and all the Bury's. Pass on my well wishes, bud.Alan D – Thanks, mate. I had a feeling you'd like it. Have a great time!

  13. David – fantastic photo. You've got a gift for photography as well as writing.All the best for a very Happy New Year!! (Which must actually be coming up for you right about now.)

  14. That picture — sign me up! I think mentally, I'm already there. I used to scuba dive, when I was married to a PADI instructor. That was a long time ago. Touched a shark once.Happy new year, my friend! And may 2011 treat us both well. I'll say a toast to you and your dad tonight.

  15. Happy New Year, David, all the best to you and your family in 2011!

  16. Chris – Thanks bud. I enjoy photography as much as writing. I just need to learn a bit more about it. Beach – Cheers, mate.Rebecca – Thank you. I've not dived since my kids turned up. It is a great hobby though…just not that great in the UK!! All the best!Dezmond – Thanks, mate. Right back at ya! 🙂

  17. Hope you have a great one, David!! Been great getting to know you!

  18. Anthony – Back at ya, mate. Thanks!

  19. Happy new year David! Hope 2011 is a good one for you. Great pic, and posting Mull of Kintyre was very nostalgic – it was the first single that I ever owned!!

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