Photo-Finish Friday…..Run, Run, Rudolf

Get a move on boy, and where are your antlers and red nose?
Took this last week when I finally got to where I was supposed to be working.  Forecasts tell us there’s a lot more snow on the way!  Oh well, time of for Christmas and the New Year to get projects finished, polished up and sent out.
Photo-Finish Friday is the creation of Leah J. Utas.  Check her blog out here.
Father update.  He is making progress daily.  He is walking, albeit with a stick and he has regained his swallow so can drink and eat unaided.  Part of his throat is still not fully functioning which is affecting his speech.  They are considering letting him home for a couple of hours on Monday to see how he copes so, fingers crossed, he may be able to have Christmas with my mum, sister, brother and their families.  That would make my Christmas!!
Thanks for all your well wishes.  They are all very much appreciated and have been passed on!


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10 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..Run, Run, Rudolf

  1. A image what could be seen here too. Well, here what is seen is a lot of roebucks. But to the important: I hope your father could spend Christmas with the family.

  2. G

    Great news about your father. Hope he does make it home for Christmas.

  3. What a great photo! We don't have deer here, and I am endlessly fascinated by them. She doesn't look bothered by your attention.Good to hear your father is coming along. Here's hoping he gets to spend Christmas at home.

  4. What a hardy-looking deer. They seem so fragile here (though they're not). So glad to hear about your father. *hugs*

  5. Love the pic, David. Excellent news about your dad.

  6. Great picture David! But yes… tell him to get his ass back up to the North Pole. Santa needs him!!! ;pSo happy to hear that your Dad is making such wonderful progress. He must be a tough old bird-the "never say die" kind. 🙂 I'm so glad that he may be home with the family for the holidays. Boy, when something like that happens, it really makes you realize what's important in life, doesn't it? :)All the best to him! ((Hugs))laura

  7. Good on your pop! We'll all root for Man U to speed up the recovery. 🙂

  8. all the best for the Holiday's …..hope your Dad can be home…. really.

  9. He (the deer) better move sharpish – next shot might find him caught in the crosshairs! :-o(is that enough incentive to head north, Rudolph?)Good news about your Dad, David! Let's hope he feels well enough to have a 'home' Christmas. Will you be able to get to see him over the holiday break at all?

  10. Sharp photo, Dave. You trying to top my owl shot?Terrific news about your dad!

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