For My Father…..

I had the unfortunate news on Friday that my father had been rushed into hospital with a major stroke.  He had one 10 years ago but the effects of this one have been much worse.  I drove down to Manchester on Saturday and spent 3 days there.  The progress that he made was fantastic but he is still struggling with his speech and swallowing.

News today is that he is managing to walk with a stick and has eaten and been given a drink.  I am over the moon.  It’s a long road to recovery but he’s a great man and will fight it all the way.

The following piece I wrote for him from the 3 words given over at Lily Childs Friday Prediction.  The words were: spring, chain, melt.  I dedicate this to the best man I have ever known.

For My Father.

I needed to be with you. The family reassured me but I felt useless being so far away. I made the journey. Luckily the snow had begun to melt, making the drive less dangerous.

During the drive I thought about the great times we’d had together. I remembered I still have the gold chain you bought me for my twenty-first birthday.

Just to see you this weekend made me feel proud to be your son. I know you will be better soon, you are a fighter, and I’m looking forward to walking with you in the Spring.

I love you.





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31 responses to “For My Father…..

  1. David, that is so incredibly touching; you've actually made me cry! Your love for your dad shines through, and I'll be thinking of you both. Oh gosh, can someone pass a tissue, please?

  2. Dave- I'm glad that he's doing better. We are probably around the same age, and my feelings for my dad are the same as yours. It's terrible seeing your parents get old, but you are doing what a good son needs to do, and youwill never have regrets. All the best to both of you, and nice tribute as well.

  3. Oh David! I'm SO sorry to hear about your Dad. It's good news though that he has made such progress so early on. 🙂 That was a beautiful little story. I will keep him in my thoughts and hope that he makes a speedy recovery!((Hugs))Laura

  4. I hope he recovers quickly mate, if i was religious i'd pray for it! That's a beautiful piece of work, and i wish you both all the best.

  5. oh wow….. keep going and keep going strong. All the best for your Dad.

  6. A truly beautiful piece of writing, David, made even more poignant that it comes from the heart.I hope your father continues to improve and regain his strength – do let us know how he gets on!

  7. I hope your father recovery will be quick. And, yoou looks like him, but with less yeras ;)merry crhistmas, and ihope yur father will have it even merrier

  8. Tough Times Dave. Glad to hear he is on the upspring.

  9. Lovely writing. I hope your dad's on the up and up.

  10. David, that is lovely. Thinking good thoughts for your father.

  11. David, Sorry to hear of your dad's troubles. her's to a speedy recovery. your sentiment and support will go along way towards putting him on the mend!

  12. G

    A wonderful tribute to your dad.May he pull through with flying colors.George

  13. We are thinking of you and your family David. You so look like your Dad, what a lovely photo. I'm so glad to hear he is already making progress.The writing was beautiful and honest. True love between father and son.Hugs, matey.xx

  14. WOW!! Thanks for all your support guys. He's doing well and getting better by the day. The hardest part is he is going to be in hospital over Christmas, but the the upside is he's getting the best care where he is.Thanks again and I will pass on your well wishes.

  15. Dave, Best wishes and speedy (as can be) to your dad. My father suffered a stroke many years ago (he passed in '05) and I know how difficult the recovery can be.A wonderful piece of writing here.

  16. Sorry to hear the news about your dad, David. Happy to hear that he's started on that tough road of recovery. The story is really telling of the relationship between you and your dad.

  17. Simply beautiful, David. I send well wishes for a speedy recovery.

  18. I'm in bits 'ere, mate, looking at the photo 'n' reading this…Having met the great man, and knowing you so well, I'm truly gutted. As you know, I lost my dad early – back in '93 – so, along with having just left people like your two blokes in a pub, the beer isn't helping matters! Send my love and best wishes to your dad and the rest of the family 'n' let us know how he's doing.Speak soon,Col

  19. Really touching writing David and hoping that your dad makes a full and speedy recovery.Kind regards.

  20. A toast to your pop giving the finger to the stroke. Long may he live!

  21. Thank you all so much. Really appreciate your concern and well wishes. He seems to be on the up and up. Thanks again.

  22. Best of strength and hope to you and your family, David.

  23. Can't say it better than the others already have. Give my best to your father. I'm sending up a few to the Big Man upstairs right now.

  24. David – sending good thoughts and wishes for your Dad's speedy recovery. You're doing the best thing you can for him, and the great thing about Dads is that most the time, they know that.Great piece of writing too. You should be proud of it.

  25. Hi David,my thoughts are with you, your family and your dad. I read your story with a tear in my eye. But I'm smiling now that he's on the up and up.Matt

  26. Erin, Mike, Chris & Matt – Thanks so much. Appreciate your well wishes and will pass on your messages. Matt, my dad's a fan and has read your first 3. (I wish I could read like him! He does a book in 2 days. He'll probably be doing a book a day now. LOL!)Thanks again guys!

  27. Lots of good energy to your dad, David. The prose is beautiful. I had a family member with a stroke last month. Also, a lady yesterday at the store was saying her mother had one the week before. Weird coincidences.

  28. David… Your father will be in my thoughts are prayers. Sending good vibes!

  29. Jeez, I'm sorry that I didn't scroll down the page a bit more. I'm sorry to hear about your Pop, I'm glad that he is on the road to recovery.

  30. David, I just read this now, thanks to Michael Solender. I'm so happy that your Dad is on the road to recovery. A long, slow, uphill road it is and I send you nothing but good wishes and strength for the journey ahead.All the best!

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