Snap-Shot Sunday….

I’ve missed Photo-Finish Friday the past couple of weeks, but this shot is my late entry.  We went to bed last night with a light dusting of the white stuff and woke up to at least six inches…..and it’s still falling.  This was taken up the side of our house. 

P-F-F is the creation of Leah J. Utas.  Go and check out her blog.

Off out for snow ball fights with my kids.   Later!!!



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11 responses to “Snap-Shot Sunday….

  1. It looks so peaceful, David. Is it rare to get that much snow?Thanks for the plug.

  2. What a great photo. I hope you and the kids are having as much fun as me and my two have when it snows. Igloos, snowmazes, sledding. So much fun and it keeps you young at heart!

  3. It looks so serene and beautiful, until the snowballs start flying. Great photo, David. Have fun!

  4. Leah – Thanks. It did look peaceful…we ran through it! :-)Sean – Thanks mate. Just been sledging. Me, the wife, our two kids and two of their friends. Just up the lane at the side of our house. FANTASTIC!!! Young at heart indeed. The kids had to fight me for the sledgeLaurita – Thank you. Great snowball fights had by all. We've got more to come!!

  5. Great photo, but I can do without the snow.

  6. Cold, peaceful-looking, and beautiful.

  7. Never get tired of trees covered in snow.Or snowball fights. Hope nobody took one in the ear!

  8. I've stood there! Cool pic (literally).We're just getting our first flakes falling here, at last. Sledge tomorrow, can't wait! 🙂

  9. What the hell, you guys got snow before we did. This will not stand!

  10. Thanks peeps!!Randal – Over the past three days we've had about 18 inches!! I've never done as much sledging. It's been great!

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