My Story At A Twist Of Noir…Crime Doesn’t Pay…Anymore.

My story, Crime Doesn’t Pay…Anymore, is now up at A Twist Of Noir.  A big thanks goes out to Christopher Grant for the invite to write something for his 600-700 Challenge.  The story is based around a shorter story I wrote a while ago.

Click HERE to read it and please feel free to let me know what you think either here or at ATON.

Have a great day!



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10 responses to “My Story At A Twist Of Noir…Crime Doesn’t Pay…Anymore.

  1. Poor Thomas…Great read, Dave. I commented at Noir…

  2. Enjoyed it much.I left a comment over there, sir.

  3. Alan & David. Thanks guys. Appreciate you looking.

  4. (sigh) Another goodie…….I admire yer talent, Mr B! (have left a comment at the site too!)

  5. Dave- Loved it. Left comment at ATON

  6. Brilliant. Unique spasm between thriller and comedy. Loved it, and left a comment too.

  7. Can't link over here at work, will check it out once I get home.

  8. Great write David. Left a comment "over there".

  9. Loved your voice in this, and the humor, between the names and their jokes, was excellent! Quick, fun read. Nice goin', David.

  10. Thanks a lot to everyone! It's greatly appreciated.

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