What Is Going On???

I’ve been away for 5, days back in Manchester for the Christening of my niece and a bit of work. 
I was going to post a piece of flash fiction but this has just knocked me sideways. 

How low can a human being stoop?  He certainly doesn’t deserve a life of going to the gym everyday, followed by an hour or so on his PlayStation and three meals a day…..and all at the expense of the “TAX-PAYER”!!!  A bullet to the back of his head, no…wait a minute there, a bullet to the front of his head so the shit-house coward can see what’s coming to him would be better!  And then another one for the mother because she is as much to blame.  You see, the thing is, this country is a criminals paradise.  This pair will one day be out of prison to have more kids.  He’ll do 10 years of his 21 and she’ll do 2-3 years of her extremely lenient 5 year sentence.   It’s an absolute fucking JOKE!!!!

And for all the do-gooders out there who say the DEATH PENALTY is barbaric and evidence isn’t 100% perfect when it come to DNA etc, I wonder if you’d change your mind if the little girl in the above news report was your grandchild?   Or your own child, husband, sister, brother, mother, father was murdered.  It’s about time Britain grew a set of balls and put a stop to this!!!!!!!!!!!

Do these 2 look like responsible parents????
The spooky thing is, their eyes look familiar…..Lifeless!!
Bring back the DEATH PENALTY in this country, NOW!


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18 responses to “What Is Going On???

  1. "catastrophic" internal injuries. 35 separate injuries, including being stomped on. She was barely over a year old. I am sick to my stomach.I can't say I believe in the death penalty, but that's a personal issue. I do believe that 21 years in jail is not nearly enough. His entire life, perhaps. And if your legal system is anything like ours here in the US, he'll be out in ten.

  2. R.S. – I've just added to the post and said that exact same thing. Half sentences! An eye for an eye. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I don't know what to say. Really. Only what some individuals should pass a psychiatric test before being parents.

  4. Jesus. My wife is a social worker and she sees this type of bullshit all the time. I could not do what she does. And yes, people should have to pass a test to become a parent. This is just sad.

  5. I have friends who deseprately wanted to start a family only to find that one of them was infertile. So, they applied to be adoptive parents, with everything to offer to a much wanted child.Well, after several years of jumping through hoops they were finally told they cannot adopt – because they were TOO OLD!It beggars belief that children are kept with abusive parents when loving, childless couples long for families they will never have!

  6. Jail. In the general prison population so he could make friends.

  7. G

    Uggh.A woman in Florida shook her kid to death because he had the audacity to interrupt her Facebook gaming.Pretty F'n sad and pathetic if you ask me.

  8. I hate to sound like a barbaric American but I would easily volunteer to put down such rabid animals.

  9. I'm so angry about this i can barely speak. I can only hope that someone in prison decides to do to them what the government won't and put them down like the air-wasters they are.

  10. Yup, general population, I'm sure there's a prisoner in there that would love a gift pack of a bag of sugar, a kettle, a new razor, toothbrush and lighter. Boiling sugared water first, then the cutty-cutty. It annoys me why the bleeding hearts want to protect what can only be termed as pure evil.

  11. David, what an absolutely horrendous thing to happen – and what a disgusting sentence handed down. However, in this country, I doubt it would have been any different – bleeding hearts have stopped any form of justice, and the guy in this case would have been sent off to some psychiatric hospital for "observation" for 10 years and then let back into the population.Where could the death penalty be wrong in this case? Certainly no mistaken identity.

  12. I'm not a fan of the state having control over life and death. And before anyone (ahem, Mr. Scots, ahem) says "what if it was your kid," of course *I* would want to tear the motherfucker to pieces via judicious application of a chainsaw. Natural reaction. Death penalty doesn't do crap and if money is an issue, then release all non-violent offenders and slash the military budget.

  13. Christ, this news story sickened me to my stomach. A little toddler being beaten to death by an adult ten times her size. I don't normally subscribe to Daily Mail-esque calls for the death sentence, but that cowards needs the sides to be evened out a bit.

  14. Thanks for dropping by guys and giving your opinions. I personally would offer my services for free to pull the rigger, flick the switch, inject the poison or turn on the gas. The sooner the better. We, as tax payers, will foot the bill for these scumbags to live! Nuff said.

  15. That sort of senseless violence reminded me of those two boys that led the younger one from the mall and beat him to death on the train tracks…except this ass is 28 yrs old.You're absolutely right in your thought process David. There are occasions where no mercy should be spared. I bullet or a noose is a much cheaper solution to the taxpayer than 50K a year for room and board. As Leah noted, we can only hope justice will be served…by putting him in with the general population. Out after 10 years is about what we expect to see here in Canada as well…

  16. Sub-human scum! Good shout, Dave.

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