Politics…..A Rant

Warning – Bad Language….. 🙂

I don’t normally do politics, but today I’m really pissed off with what I read in the paper.  The ConDem Coalition, which is made up of the bunch of wankers that were Conservative and Liberal Domocrats (Obvioulsy – for British readers.) have come up with more strategies to fuck us over.

They have now decided that the best way to save the Country and its diminishing economy is to cut funds to the English children’s hospitals.  £53 million worth of cuts.  Well, if I’ve ever seen a way of cutting the population then that’s the way isn’t it.  Let all the kids die!  The government don’t give a shit because their families will be covered by private health!

Another way to save money is to cut our defences. Scrap our aircraft carriers and the aircraft on them. NO! Why don’t we just get our troops out of the shit hole that is Afghanistan and save a shit load of money that way?

Why don’t they just cut the benefits to “children” mothers, who then go on to have more babies because they’re on “easy street”?  Why don’t they just cut the benefits to asylum seekers?  Why don’t they put paedophiles to sleep instead of re-naming and re-housing them?  Why don’t they cut prison funding and let prisoners live in the shit that they deserve when they gave up their “human rights” by murdering or raping some innocent?  Surely that would save them millions. 

Better still, put all MP’s, and that includes the top dogs, on a normal annual wage, make them commute to work and not pay for their second and third homes for them.  We’d be the richest country in the world.


Have you noticed the name of our government.  The ConDem Coalition? 

Firstly, it should be called the DemCon, as the Lib Dems had the majority vote.  What happened with that then??  Bet Clegg was happy with that…..NOT!

Second, don’t you think it sounds like Condom?  They can shaft us, but at least they’ll think of our health by wearing protection. 

Third, don’t you think it sounds like Conned ‘Em?  They can shaft us and we won’t realise until much later…when it’s too late.

Nick Clegg…”Hmm, who should we shaft next?”
David Cameron…”Well, that’s easy…eeny, meeny, miny, mo…”
This country is run by multi-millionaires who haven’t got a clue about “civvy” street and the people who live on it!!!!

Well, at least I didn’t vote them in, I’ve just got to watch the shit happen!




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17 responses to “Politics…..A Rant

  1. Watching how this Lib Dem/Conservative experiment has played out has really put to sleep my last surviving faith in party politics. I know a lot of people who feel the same way. Like The Who said, "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." As for 'ConDem' – that's a tabloid media label (though admittedly a very clever one considering its myriad negative connotations) – and they're a greater enemy to the citizens of this country than virtually anyone. Anyway, I think people of all political affiliations are feeling pretty frustrated with the whole system these days. Don't let it get you down David.

  2. Franklin – Thanks for looking. Not much gets me down these days (Apart from my job and the damage it's doing to my body. lol) I just have to have a rant now and then, even if I don't know what I'm talking about…..I still think we're being well and truly shafted though!

  3. I think i agree 100% with every word you said mate. I'm thoroughly disgusted with what they've done and are doing to this country. It's a sad thing when someone who was brought up here and loves the country wants to move away, but i'm sad to say that i do. I've had enough of people who had it easy making it hard for everyone else. It stinks. /quit.

  4. I think at this point the whole world are unhappy with their governments. Except India. They seem pretty happy, other than that whole Pakistan thing. I think we should start thinking about the moon, yo?

  5. I'm with Jodi…the moon looks good.When I was a child, I baffled my parents by proclaiming I was an earthling (sci/fi movies anyone?) It's too bad my vision of being a citizen of earth hasn't developed yet.

  6. Thansk peeps. The moon-conspiracy theory central. Has anyone actually been up there and walked on it since the first "giant leap for mankind"? If not, why? I've started again now!! Hahaha!!!

  7. ook. Cut funds to children's hospital. I do not use the words i like for a matter of respect twards you. (and here in Spain we also have.. you know, political crap).But cut funds to children's hospitals… really, i do not know how to put in a no-swear, no-violent way. really.

  8. As I travel around so many folks are feeling the same way about their leadership.

  9. As part of my continuing research in looking for a safe place if the world really goes to shit Chile is looking high on that list right now. Here in the States the impression I get is that we are circling the drain with our elected leaders actively paddling toward the abyss.Southern Chile is far enough away from most of the crazies.

  10. Dave- that was on hell of an editorial. I think Thoreau had it right by retreating to a cabin, which in fact was about 30 minutes from my house. Nice pics by the way.

  11. I've come to the conclusion (and it's the same whatever business/politics) – there are two sets of people in this life:1. The ones with brains do the work2. The ones without brains get to make the decisions….!

  12. I hear you David.And I agree with a lot of the folks that things are sh!t all over. Here in Canada, remembering that, according to our history, being part of the UN and helping others, doing humanitarian work etc. is kind of our "thing", we've got a leader who managed to get us ousted from the UN's security council, and – though the Conservative Party line has always been "fiscal responsibility first" – not only managed to burn through a surplus, but now we have a record defecit. Gah! Still not cutting funding to kid's health/hospitals though – that's Orwellian type evil right there.

  13. //get our troops out of the shit hole that is Afghanistan and save a shit load of money that way?//right on. It's a big ocean…..but there ain't no space in my opinion and yours!! Faith, bro!!

  14. Thanks guys. It's good to get things off your chest now and again. Have a great weekend!

  15. Out of interest, why do you think they are making those cuts?

  16. P.S. (me again!) I am sure it isn't because they want to be portrayed as wankers… more likely they are inheriting a country that has been grossly mismanaged for years. As horrible as it is, it is better to cut budgets for children's hospitals than end up in a bankruptcy situation where we can give our children no care at all. Don't forget that most of the health budget is squandered on layer upon layer of oppressive 'managers'

  17. imagine if all the politicians would be sent to Mars, oh, what happiness would spread all around Earth!

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