Photo-Finish Friday…..Bonfire Night

The above photo was taken a few years ago, overlooking the loch where we used to stay in a log cabin before we moved up here.
Photo-Finish Friday is the creation of Leah J. Utas.
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Bonfire Night.

This weekend the sky over Britain will be lit up by the bonfires and firework displays up and down the country.  There will also be “guys” thrown on top of the fires.  An effigy of Guy Fawkes.

Tonight we will celebrate Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes night.  Tonight we celebrate a mans attempt (with the help of others)  to “blow-up” the House of Lords on 5th November 1605.  Therefore, tonight we are celebrating the “attempted” work of a group of terrorists!!

Guy Fawkes, and his mates, were caught before the Gunpowder Plot happened, Fawkes himself was the one left in charge of the explosives.  They were sentenced to death in January 1606.

So, back to modern day.  Governments around the world go on and on about a war against terrorism yet our government, the very country where the whole shenanigans took place, find it more than acceptable to celebrate the work of the above terrorists.  How does that work?

Hmm, let me think???

Ahh, money!!

Everybody goes out and hands over their hard earned cash for a box of overpriced fireworks to let off at their bonfires.  Talk about “money to burn”.  Ha!  The huge taxes on said fireworks then goes straight to the government for them to spend on fiddling their expenses!  Bastards!  It’s laughable.

Anyway, I’m sounding like a real grouch.  Fireworks can be spectacular but it’s just the hypocrisy of it all that grates on me.  If you are going out tonight to a bonfire and firework display remember…..wrap up warm and stay safe.  For those who are not too sure what bonfire night is, click on the above links to educate yourself on some British history.

I’m just in a ranting mood and the above comments are my own opinion.

Have a great weekend!



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22 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..Bonfire Night

  1. I love that photo, David. Well done.Yeah, I do wonder why The Gunpowder Plot is celebrated, but I suppose any excuse.

  2. If you light a firework, the terrorists win.

  3. What chills me (on this side of the pond, looking in) is how many years this night has been celebrated with regular decent folks, including their kids, commemorating an historic event by burning effigies – which is to say "We'd love for the real Guy Fawkes to be here right now so we could throw him on the fire and watch the flames cook him to a nice medium-well-done. That would be brilliant."As I've mentioned before, I'm also completely unable to think about the 5th of November without thinking about Alan Moore's amazing graphic novel.My $.02

  4. Guy Fawkes. V! Gotta love a holiday celebrated for a failed attempt.Top pic, Dave.

  5. I'm too cheap to buy fireworks…Hey, we're on the same wavelength today, mate.My #fridayflash story relates to the 5th of November 'Bonfire Night'. Drop by for a wee read.

  6. When I think what we use to get up to with fireworks as kids, it makes my blood run cold. Now, I almost wish they were not for public sale, given the anti-social tendancies of today's society. Much better to go and watch a big,organised event – much more 'oo' and 'aah' for yer money!But to all who will, tonight, be hovering round bonfires and selecting the next firwork – PLEASE light up the sky and NOT yourselves! Take care and have fun! 😉

  7. The Gunpowder Plot… I know of it, er.., thanks to Alan moore. I'm talking about V of Vendetta. The comic, not the movie.By the way… i'm one of those who think Fawkes is the only man ever entered the House of Lords without intention of personal gain and being totally honest about his intentions.

  8. …oh, and that picture is truly spectacular, David! 🙂

  9. Beautiful photo. Excellent rant.Fawkes and Catesby – how they could have changed history if only…

  10. Thanks guys. A few interesting points on Fawkes and his mates. I still think though that the bastards who run this country will be sat there rubbing their hands together this morning wondering what they can squander the profits from the fireworks on!!If it is a celebration that the government think is right, then all fireworks for Guy Fawkes night should be free!Have a great weekend.

  11. I detest fireworks. It gets my goat riled up rather rapidly.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I don't hate the fireworks, just the hypocrisy behind it all. Some are pretty awesome!!

  14. Hi David – thanks for your comments re my story 'The colour! The power! The vision!' and I added your blog address to the 'Contacts' page on my website. Go to:

  15. Instead of an effigy, why not the coach who failed your country so miserably in South Africa?

  16. Matt – Cheers, mate.Cormac – I'd back that. There also plenty of paedophiles, rapists and murderers that would fit nicely on top of a bonfire. Thanks dude!

  17. As a Yankee, I've always found Guy Fawkes Day fascinating… Cool holiday!

  18. Anthony – Thanks for dropping by, mate.

  19. I detest fireworks….it's usually fools with little spare cash that spend the most. I try to leave the city on the 4th of July. But anysways…cool photo. or maybe a little beyond cool. Say 'Hi' to the "old guy" next year.

  20. That picture is gorgeous! New follower here. It's a really funny night when you think about it… a celebration of things we usually wouldn't celebrate (failure) in a way we wouldn't usually partake of (burning effigies). People often don't think about what's behind the tradition.

  21. oh, living in Scotland and somewhere near a loch, don't you ever tell me you're not the happiest man alive 🙂

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