Happy Halloween!!!!!

I was going to write a new Halloween story for today but due to a hangover and a house left in a state after a fantastic fancy dress party, I thought I’d just regurgitate one from last year. 

It appeared on Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers last October but I’ve changed it ever so slightly.

Hope you enjoy your Halloween, whatever you’re doing.  Remember, be careful whose door you knock on…..

Happy Halloween!

In the hallway the old grandfather clock chimed, one, two…..ten, eleven.

“Oh, there’s only one more hour ‘til the witching hour. Wooooo…”

“Oh, Geoffrey, stop it. You’re going to scare them,” giggled Veronica, wiping over the kitchen table. “Oh, I hope this doesn’t stain.”

“Veronica, darling, how am I going to scare them? And anyway, if they didn’t want scaring they should have stayed away.”

Susan and Simon Johnson sat at the kitchen table, their faces ashen, their throats slit, staring blindly at the ceiling.

“It quite clearly says on the front door, sweetness, no trick or treaters.”


Take it easy and I’ll see you in November…..



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16 responses to “Happy Halloween!!!!!

  1. Nice story and the image of Susan and Simon is awesome. Happy Hallloween back at you!

  2. Yikes!!! I'll pay closer attention to homes that specifically say, "No trick or treaters"!:P Great story.Happy Halloween, glad you had fun last night.((Hugs))Laura

  3. Nice story David; I remember it from last year and it's just as good. Happy Halloween.

  4. I will stay away fromm this house, no doubt

  5. Well if that ain't a razor blade in the ol' apple … This one crackles with wit as sharp as the blade that made their impression on the trick-or-treaters!Happy Halloween!

  6. David,sure i've done this before, but my memory's like a seive. interested in Dancing With Yourself in the New Year? you'd be very welcome.

  7. Ha! What a cute little scare that was. Agree with Sean – the image of Susan and Simon was great. Hope your hangover gets better!

  8. Youch! I've never seen this sign on a door, but I'll know what to do if it ever happens. Thanks for the warning. That's one image I won't forget!

  9. I'll make it over for the fancy dress party one of these years…but remind me to never knock on your door on halloween night. Yikes!

  10. Sorry I've only just popped over and read this now. I think I do remember the earlier version. This is a nice, tight piece of writing that hooks and lands the reader.Regards,Lewis

  11. Thanks guys. The hangover has gone and I'm back to writing. 🙂

  12. You wore a fancy dress for Halloween? Didn't your feet hurt after trick or treating in those heels?

  13. Anthony – Thanks mate.Randal – I told you that in total honesty. No, I had plasters on my feet!! 🙂

  14. I'll do that old-fashioned word and 'chuckle'. Nice and darkety-dark.

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