Photo-Finish Friday…..

As I’m still getting used to my new camera, I was quite pleased with the outcome of this shot.  I’ve wanted to get a good, clear photo of the moon for a long time but it always turned out blurred and too bright.  So, with the help of a friend who explained a bit about exposure and focus settings, I finally managed it.
Saying that, a professional would probably not agree with my opinion!!  HA!
Hey, remember to stop by Erin Cole’s blog to check on the awesome stories that have been up, and for the finale to her 13 Days of Horror.  Muahahaha!!!!!!
Also, pop by Lily Childs’ blog and try your hand at her Friday Prediction.


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16 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..

  1. Oh wow, great shot! Brilliant! Will go check out your story on Erin Cole's blog now 😉

  2. Jolene – That was quick. Thanks and hope you like the story.

  3. Something is seriously wrong! You're good at writing AND photography – two talents is just plain greedy!;-pGreat picture tho', David :-)( but why no stars….?)

  4. David, you did a fine job with the moon shot.

  5. I think that the shot turned out really well! I love it and that's saying something because I really love the moon. I could stare at it all night long if I didn't have to sleep. :)I wish that I knew more about photography. I wish I could afford a really good camera too! Maybe someday… Enjoy your weekend! Not sure what you guys do over there for Halloween, if it's the same as us or not. Enjoy your treats if it is. :)((Hugs))Laura

  6. I think that moon should be bigger. I think you need to post more photos. Whew! two thoughts and I am wore out! And it's not even noon here….way to early for a beer.

  7. Cool pic, David…hope you have a great weekend, sir!

  8. Such a beautiful photo of My Lady Moon in all her glory. Hope you don't mind but I've saved the full-size version as my desktop wallpaper.Did you get my email, btw?

  9. WOWZERS! You moon as swell as you write!Readers are givin' arms and legs reading your story over at Erin the cool Cole's Horror extravaganza. I got bejeebered Mr Barber when Laurita had the bejabbers scared out of her. (It was messy). ~ Absolutely*Kate

  10. Glad you to see you finally have a crisp picture of home. 😉

  11. I really like this photo- it would go good with a short story or something similar.The gray haze really brings the moon into view.

  12. Thanks guys. Happy Halloween.

  13. Incredible shot. I need your camera;)You have an incredible way with words…and I have to agree with above comment…how is it you're good at writing and photography?Have a great new week.(Your header completely suits you from what I've read so far! You have a neat way of viewing things!)

  14. Dawn – You make me blush. Thank you for stopping by, appreciate it. 🙂

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