An Urban Myth Up At Erin Cole’s 13 Days…

My story, An Urban Myth, is now up at Erins Cole’s blog, as part of her 13 Days Of Horror.

I was so chuffed to have made her Halloween special this year and offer sincere thanks both for accepting my story and for the great job she has done with the whole extravaganza. 

My story is loosely based on a Scottish urban legend.  Whether it is fact or fiction is still unknown but go and read the story and then make up your own mind……

Click here to read.

Please let me know what you think either here or on Erin’s blog…..or both, if you can be bothered.

Post Addition – Click here to read more on Sawney Bean.



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19 responses to “An Urban Myth Up At Erin Cole’s 13 Days…

  1. David, the coincidence is astounding. Just yesterday i was hearing a night radio program about Sawney bean and his family! My opinion? Scary, veery very scary.

  2. Congrats on making the cut at Erin's 13 Days of Horror. You're in with some fine company there, David. Well Done.

  3. Great job David and a great achievement getting accepted over there – well done, mate.Kind regards.

  4. …you just keep adding triumph after triumph! (am now green with envy…..) ;-p

  5. Congratulations. I'll pop over in a bit.

  6. Well done on making the "Top 13" David. You definitely earned the spot. Canada-boy is going to co-opt some UK slang for a second here: It's a cracker. :)Left a more specific comment under the story.Chris

  7. I read and left a comment, although I was left speechless for a bit there. Awesome story in every detail.

  8. Deka – That's the spookiness of Halloween. Thanks, mate.Alan D & Alan G – I feel quite honoured to be on there with some great writers, especially as I don't normally write horror. Thanks guys.Sue – You make me blush. Thank you. You're pretty great yourself.Paul – Thanks bud.Chris – Much appreciated. If I can make horror writers hold their breath and send chills up their spine then I must be doing something right. Thanks, man.

  9. Laurita – You spookily snook in there?? lolThanks V much. I enjoyed writing it and it seems to have worked.

  10. Excellent writing, David. Loved so many things in this story, especially that ending!Cheers!

  11. Congrats on the inclusion, well deserved. Killer job on the story and great ending. Left a commment on Erin's blog as well.

  12. Oooo David!!! That was really good! I wonder how this guy got to safety though….. ;p Creepy goodness at its best!((Hugs))Laura

  13. Erin – Thank YOU! Sean – Cheers, bud. Thanks for your comments.Laura – Thank you. He got thrown out of the cave and into the sea where he "bobbed" to safety. LOL!!! I don't know! Hahaha!!

  14. David, thanks for the post-add of the Sawney Beane clan…makes your story even more "alive" – if that's the right word. Again, excellent work and well deserved!!

  15. It was awesome! Being a part of Erin's 13 Days feels like winning a gold metal!

  16. Peter James was going exploring abandoned tunnels this morning (research for a new book) so I tweeted him the link to your story – wonder if he's man enough to go ahead afterwards? ;-p

  17. Paul – Thanks a lot, mate. I didn't want to give the game away too early about the story and that's why it was added later.Laura – Gold medal indeed. Thank you.Sue – Let's hope he reads my story. Thanks V much. Have a great weekend.

  18. Hi Dave,Read the story at Erin's blog and loved it!

  19. Thanks, Edgar. Appreciate you reading and leaving a comment.

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