Two Blokes, Part 7…

The Two Blokes turned up at Lily Childs Friday Prediction last week so I thought I’d post it here for you.

Click here to read more of their nonsense.

Her words were Doom, Intrusive and Throne.  As I was late to the party, Michael Solender had already used Throne in the same way as I was going to use it but I’m sure he won’t mind.  🙂

In 100 words or less, here are the Two Blokes…..

Two Blokes, Part 7.

“Where’ve you been?”

“On the throne.”

“Who were you calling,.”

“I said the THRONE. You know when a sneaky fart turns into something more.”

“Yeah, I’ve had that. Hey, I watched that Indian Jones and the Temple Of Doom last night.”


“Well, it was far from a western. For a start there were no cowboys and, come to think of it… indians.”

“Your words are intrusive sometimes. They actually hurt going into my ears.


“It’s called Indiana Jones, not Indian Jones. It’s the bloke’s name. Jesus!”

“Jesus? He wasn’t in it.”

“Give me strength. Two beers please, mate.”


Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed their latest conversation.

Next week, why don’t you get yourself over to Lily’s blog and have a shot at her challenge.



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14 responses to “Two Blokes, Part 7…

  1. Oh I love these two. They're welcome visitors to The Feardom any time.Thanks for the plug again David – and yes – everyone's invited to give my challenge a go. Come back Friday morning.

  2. I'll be there forst thing, Lily. I've got my mojo back. 😉

  3. He-he.Short n sweet, Dave, but just as effective. Need to have a few jars with these two – lift the old spirits. And good shout re' Lily.Regards,Col

  4. You know, these sound just like conversations you might overhear at the local pub. Funny!

  5. As always, entertaining stuff.

  6. Eeee, they do mek me laff, tho'! ;-)….I think I may have met these two down at my local. (I may actually be married to one of them…):-0

  7. Thanks peeps! There's sooo much more to come from these two. I heard them talking about a holiday, but I'll let you know.

  8. It's Indiana?? I thought that was a place in the States??Never mind – a great pub tale, David. Love these guys, as always!!

  9. Fun dialogue! Challenging to pull it off too, but you did it well!

  10. How could you reference that film and not make use of one of the finest lines in the history of the cinema? 🙂

  11. That's a really funny story. He obviously needs his ears cleaned. I'll check in on your others stories.CD

  12. The dumb one reminds me of my brother. ;pLove these two. :)((Hugs))Laura

  13. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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