This short piece appeared at Lily Childs Friday Prediction last week.  I thought I’d give it an outing here.

If you’ve not had a go at her Prediction, I suggets that you should.  It’s a bit of fun but a very good exercise for the old grey matter.  She gives you 3 words that are to appear in the story that has a max word count of 100.

Last weeks words are in red.


The shadows swallowed me up. I needed to stay anonymous, invisible to the eyes of the dancers leaving the Moulin Rouge.

There she was, the American I wanted, and tonight would be the night.

She bade farewell to her colleagues and started her journey to her small apartment. I watched her, listening to her sweet voice as she sang the songs from her performance.

The streets of Montmartre echoed her footsteps as I swooped down on her, clasping a hand over her face. The skin of her neck looked almost transparent, giving no protection as my teeth sank into it. 


Hope you liked it and maybe see you over there next week…



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14 responses to “Bloodlust…

  1. Creepy! And the setting gave it a little extra something. Shall we say…bite? Nicely done!

  2. Could feel the tension of the vampire's bloodlust, very high impact story.

  3. Still delicious and bloody, second time around.Thanks for the plug too – anyone reading this – you're all welcome.

  4. Yuo evil craeture! Where is my stake and hammer? Hee. Fun halloween-ish story.

  5. Ag! The stains are so hard to wash away!

  6. From "A Night at the Opera" to "Another One Bites the Dust"…you've been listening to Queen again, haven't you?Fine story, David. Really liked this!

  7. Oooo very nice David :)Ps, I've nominated you for a blog award. You can check it out on my blog :)Pixie x

  8. You old vamp you!…;-)Nice one old bean. Very nice.

  9. Aye, the French … nicely done!

  10. 100 words with a wallop. Very nice.

  11. I could almost see the rain-drenched, cobble stone streets in this…

  12. This builds the halloween mood up nicely, cheers David!

  13. Your talent for setting a mood is second to none David, really.I liked this. A lot. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have a wonderful ability to write an amazing short story. ((Hugs))Laura

  14. Thank you V much for the comments guys. They are much appreciated.

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