A Few Words…..And A Late Photo-Finish Friday.

I’ve not been on the blog much of late.  My head has been firmly stuck up my arse.  Work is getting in the way at the moment and it’s beginning to get me down.  I need a new job as the tiling is taking its toll on my back and knees.  Still, it pays the bills.

Anyway, I joined the rest of the world last week and joined FaceBook.  I only joined it to see a video our friends had done, starring my wife, my kids, one of their friends and myself.

Here’s the link if you fancy a butchers.  (It’s a bit slow getting going, but it you move the indicator along the “play line” it works.  It’s not the actual shape of my head and it’s not my wife’s actual jawline.  She wasn’t too impressed! Ha!)

So, I’ve been on FB for a week.  Thanks to all who accepted my friend requests or who requested friendship and who’ve given advice BTW.  I digress.  I’ve been on it for a week and my profile has already been infiltrated by some areshole who sent out dodgy links to “friends”.  I checked what the link actually was but it came up as a “continue at your own risk” kind of thing.  Apologies if you got one but, in the words of Shaggy…”It Wasn’t Me!”

I’ll probably not use FB much, unless someone can convince me otherwise about its positives.  I’m not that interested in it.  I actually know people who use FB on separate computers in their own house and “talk” to each other.  Holy bollocks, Batman!  Where has the art of conversation gone? 

I personally much prefer this blogging lark.  Yes, I know, I’m only talking to you with words but there’s something different about blogging.  I feel that people actually think about what they are doing with their own blogs and put a lot into it.  I’m not saying that people don’t care about their FB profile, but to me it just seems a bit dull.  A blog, after all, is your own creation.  FaceBook certainly isn’t.  It’s the creation of some college whizkid who’s now a billionaire and has had a film made about it.  I’m probably alienating myself here but I’m not having a go at anyone who loves the FB world.  I just think blogging is much better is all, and it’s just my opinion.  

Right, Photo-Finish Friday.  This was taken a few days ago just a few miles from where we live.  I love this tree.  It looks the same all year round.  If you look at the top, there’s a red kite perched on one of the branches that I only noticed after it flew away.  Hope you like…

Have a great weekend people.



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19 responses to “A Few Words…..And A Late Photo-Finish Friday.

  1. Excellent pic, David. Magnificent tree, and such character.

  2. Same for me. I like more a blog because i feel it like more a thing of mine. I put a lot of effort in it and i don't want lose it!

  3. Leah – Thanks. It oozes character, almost as if it's actually saying…"this is my field and I'm going nowhere!" I love it.Deka – Thought you'd fell out with me. Where have you been? Thanks for your input, mate.

  4. Cool pic, Dave.Plus, all the family just laughed our way through your video!As for Facebook, it's good for networking and keeping in touch with people, but, I agree, blogging wins hands down.

  5. Beware! FaceBook can be such a time eater. I don't use it much either. That photo is awesome. So spooky. I really love photos of bare trees, and the misty background really creates a nice atmosphere.

  6. Col – Thanks mate. I just can't bee botherd with the whole FaceBook stuff.Laurita – Thank you. I passed it for days when I was on a job and eventually remembered my camera.

  7. My head has been firmly stuck up my arse.Mine too, the only effective treatment for me is a fine beer or a beach weekend. Be that as it may, I really can't stand Facebook. If I get on it I will waste so much time it isn't funny. Friday is an off day for me with everyone out of the house. I expressly sat down yesterday to finish a story that I have been working on for a couple of weeks, got two pages down and decided to take a small break and look at my email. Had two Facebook notices, linked over and before I knew it three hours had passed with that story still unfinished.The other thing about Facebook is that I somehow got into a competition with one of my brothers over "friends" and he suckers me back into it every damn time. That,s the part about me having my head up my ass.

  8. I think the pic is wonderful – it might be interesting to photograph it through the different seasons……just a thought. Would make a nice study, framed and grouped together.As for FB – I mainly use it to keep up with what my kids are getting up to – otherwise, it can suck the time out of your day!

  9. Where? working, firtunately! You know, pay the bills sometimes is a pain in the ass.

  10. I like the tree, David. In the American wild west, they would have used that one to 'string up' the bad blokes. I'm totally with you on FB…I'm hardly ever on it myself. True that blogging is a more creative venture.

  11. Cool photo Dave. I'm with you on FB. Author, Tony Black refers to it as Face-Ache, which I think is inspired.Keep plugging away with your writing/blogging, when you can – treat it like a hobby and do not put yourself under too much pressure. Write when you can and write stuff that you want to and enjoy putting together – have fun!Cheers.

  12. G

    Even though I'm on FB, I agree with the points that you made. I'm only on to keep up to date with a few friends of mine who otherwise I wouldn't be able to communicate with, and I make status updates about two to three times a week.Blogging has been my one refuge from the banalities that is the Cyber World and I've had some fantastic conversations and met more than my fair share of genuine people.

  13. I'm on FB. I don't mind it, especially getting reconnected with people I haven't seen a a long time. Like you, I prefer blogs for more "serious" interactions. Work sucks, but it is a necessary evil. Keep on writing, through the good, and tough times! Nice pic, what are those animals around it? Look like deer. Nice post Dave, and cheer up. We are all rooting for ya!

  14. I like the way the fog descends to the tree.

  15. David, nice pic – I think kids should be more careful with their kites. I know that red ones go faster but they have a habit of getting stuck in trees…What? Ohhh…that kite :)I basically use FB as a tool for exporting my blog to. There is a thing called "Networked Blogs" that you can link to and it posts on FB whatever you post on your own blog. More eyes get to see it that way.

  16. oh, FB isn't so bad. Let's me check out all the photos the kids post. I draw the line at twitter. Anything that contains the word TWIT is suspect.

  17. Brilliant shot – I'm a huge fan of pictures of trees, find them very inspiring!

  18. That tree is amazing. On the lake, by the city where I live, there is a tiny island. On the island there are about 10-20 trees, very much like that one. Nothing ever grows on them. As for Facebook. I go through phases. Sometimes I'm on a lot and then weeks will go by without my even logging onto it. You're right. It is kind of boring. :P((Hugs))Laura

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