The Two Blokes, Again…..

Last week over at Lily Childs blog, the two blokes turned up for her Friday Prediction.  In 100 words or less, you had to include the words Husk, Brewery and Rubber.

What follows is there little conversation.

In case you’d not noticed, top left under my blog header are a couple of stand alone pages.  The Two Blokes have their own page and there’s another page for my Photography.  Both will be added to regularly so please take a little time and have a look.  Please feel free to leave any comments/advice on both pages.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this little piece…..

The Two Blokes, Part 6.

“I had a date last night.”

“Who with?”

“That bird who works down the brewery, Rebecca Husk.”

“Oh, the one with the big…”

“Yes, the one with the big personality.”

“So, how did it go?”

“Well, it was great. A couple of drinks, a curry and then it were back to hers for some slap and tickle.”

“More food?”

“Holy shit! I said slap and tickle. You’re thinking of bubble and squeak.”

“Oh yeah. Well, what happened then?”

“Well, we’re naked and she asks me if I’ve got a rubber.”

“What? You were drawing?”

“Jeez, two more beers please, mate.”




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15 responses to “The Two Blokes, Again…..

  1. LOL!!! Would seriously drink a pint with those two.

  2. I get such a kick out of these two.

  3. Hilarious. The dialogue with these two is always entertaining.

  4. Great stuff as always David.Love these guys.

  5. I love these guys to, glad to see them back! Oh i forogot to let you know that i left an award on my blog for you yesterday. Hope that you are having a good week so far

  6. Dave- The Two Blokes are always entertaining. You do a great job with it. Thanks for the heads up on your photography. Very impressive! The Charlie Barber R.I.P. picture is unbelievable. One of the best pics I have ever seen. Is it just a straight pic with no effects involved?

  7. Know anyone who's skilled with the pen or pencil? These two need to be animated.

  8. you know…. I think I know those guys. Were they in Wisconsington a week ago?

  9. Ha! Someone buy that man another drink…he keeps getting funnier!Great little scene, David. Like the new pages, too!

  10. G

    Man, I work with people who would make those two look like geniuses.

  11. The boy's dialogue never fails to amuse…“Well, we’re naked and she asks me if I’ve got a rubber.”“What? You were drawing?”I appreciate that one being a draftsman…though with the advent of computers, I never use rubbers anymore…

  12. Guess what, Mr B? Two Blokes won last week's Prediction! Congrats matey. :)Lily

  13. The Two Blokes are getting their own fan club by the looks of it! Nice work David, great witty dialogue as usual and glad they've got their own page- will def be keeping a close eye! Strangely makes me want to go to the pub too, probably still a bit early!

  14. I'm sure I know these guys. Are they Mancs?Congrats on the win over at Lil's place, mate.

  15. I love these two guys… They always deliver…

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