A Mate’s Interview…..

Just a quick one…..

My mate, Col Bury, has been interviewed by fellow northerner Paul D. Brazill over at his blog.

It’s a great read, and I don’t say that cheaply cos he’s a mate.  He knows where he’s from, where he wants to be and who he is.  And, above all else, he’ll help and give advice to all who ask.  He’s a top bloke and deserves everything that’s coming his way.  (Read the interview or his blog to get the info)

Click here for a great read!!



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11 responses to “A Mate’s Interview…..

  1. Jolly decent of you, mate.But why, oh why, do you persevere with that photo of you standing on that stool trying to look bigger than me?:)

  2. Because that's the only photograph in the world were you weren't wearing your Man City shirt, bet you had to have it surgically removed.Doctor – "It was a ten hour operation and We've wmanaged to remove the tumor/shirt, he'll live…"

  3. Will head over now… Before that, tho, I just wanna have a drink in that pub you're in…

  4. Just read the interview David. As I commented, it's nice to get some insight into Col's novel and his writing background.Cheers.

  5. A cyber-toast to you both, David. "Cheers".

  6. I shall pop over in a moment… once you have bought me a large red Merlot!!

  7. Very frustrated at the moment. When I go to PD's site, it looks like it might have changed recently. The front page just hangs and I can't get to the content. Is the interview posted anywhere else? I need to read this!

  8. Hey Sean, not sure what problems you are having but here's the direct link to the interview.Take care, mate.http://pdbrazill.blogspot.com/2010/10/hit-north-col-bury-interview.html

  9. waita minute! bloggers interviewing bloggers? ah, I doan know…… sounds a little bit …. odd. Personally…. I plan on posting an interview with a meatloaf……iffen she doan gimmee the right answers….. I eat her!

  10. Great interview! Damn, what are you all drinking? Its looks great.

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