A Little Something For A Saturday…..

The following little piece of writing was written literally within a minute or so in the comments of Janet Reid’s blog a month ago.  She gave the starter sentence and asked for pieces up to 115 words.  Unfortunately, on a recount, mine was 120 but hey ho we’re not all perfect.

Hope you enjoy…..


A monster-slaying governess, a vampire librarian, and a professorial zombie walk into a bar


“Ha! Did you not see that?” the barman asked, wiping glasses with a white towel.

In an instant the librarian was at his throat, fangs sinking deeply into his veins as she sucked the blood from his body.

“My goodness, a vampire monster!” shouted the governess.

Pulling a wooden stake out of her bag, she grabbed the vampire at the shoulder pulled her away from the dead barman. As blood and trachea dropped from the librarian’s mouth the governess plunged the stake into the vampires heart.

“Die, you bloodsucking curator!” the governess screamed.

The zombie just stood at the bar waiting.

“A pint of brains…..please.”


Have a great weekend.  You know the drill……….



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15 responses to “A Little Something For A Saturday…..

  1. lol, loved the little detail about the trachea, you're my kind of sick Dave.

  2. Very nicely done, David. Short, sharp and original. Flows really well and darkly funny – yeah good stuff, very good.Cheers.

  3. Bloodsucking curator? Very nice!! Cool stuff, David…

  4. heheh it made me laugh…. wonderful

  5. Trachea? HA! Dude, this was fucking nuts. Awesome! 🙂

  6. Glad to see the zombie, at least, had a bit of decorum. Nice one, David.

  7. Great, now I'll be spending the next two days trying to figure out they could serve brains on tap.Oh, and nice one.

  8. I'm a tad late here but what a funny one… chuckle-worthy, David…

  9. hey david.. thank you for dropping by at my page. about the follower thing i still am your follower it is in the reading list of my blog. i love your page so much that i would never imagine myself miss it.

  10. I love your ultra short stories David. You have a real talent for getting everything across quickly. I enjoy these more than long stories. I'm in and out. Bam! :)((Hugs))Laura

  11. Ha Ha! Great short piece. Love the visual of the trachea too and the last line is to die for.

  12. That's great! I envy your ability to do the Janet Reid challenges. I can't work under that kind of pressure.

  13. Thanks everyone, it's much appreciated!

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