Photo-Finish Friday…..

Our friends wedding a couple of weeks ago.  This was my first time wearing a kilt and all accessories.  I’m with my beautiful wife, Lisa.  The photo was actually taken by my 6 year old daughter.  Talented little thing!!

Photo-Finish Friday is a creation of Leah J. Utas.  Check out her blog here.


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20 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..

  1. Nice picture! I wore a kilt once, didn't think your were suppose to wear underwear. Windy day and things went downhill from there, although a sixty-something lady slipped me her phone number afterward.

  2. Fine photo, David. Love the kilt.

  3. Very Nice, David (and your daughter did a great job). You're becomming more Scots every day…next thing you know you'll be drinking the whiskey…errrr, probably too late, I bet…

  4. a loverly couple, but her legs are MUCH nicer than yours..

  5. What a lovely picture, your daughter has a great eye!

  6. Good thing the wedding wasn't in December!

  7. Nothing wrong with a man in a kilt! I like it.Your wife is beautiful-and it is a great photo for a six year old! My six year old son would probably get a nice close-up of our elbows.

  8. Oh my gosh! You guys look fantastic!!! What a handsome couple. :)And yes, your wife is a hottie indeed. LOVE her dress and she gets bonus points from me for having her toenails painted red. Great job 6 year old daughter! :)((Hugs))Laura

  9. Love the kilt! What a lovely couple you are, and your daughter did a great job with the photo.

  10. Awesome! Hope you had a good time.

  11. What a beautiful couple you make! And Kudos to your six year old!

  12. BBC

    You are a right good looking couple, at the last wedding I officiated at the brides father wore a kilt, I didn't bother to ask what was or wasn't under it.

  13. You seem so happy…England mustn't have been playing that night :)Nice to see a happy, smiling couple.Nice job by your daughter too…

  14. Simply marvelous photo. Beautiful wife and talented (and I'm sure pretty) daughter. You're a lucky man.

  15. Lisa is indeed beautiful. What a great photo – my six year-old is also good with a camera but I don't think she's ever taken a pic of a man's knees peeping out of a kilt; which is probably a good thing. She does love lone pipers though.

  16. Lovely dress… 'n' so is Lisa's.Regards to the family, mate.Ps. Traitor! 🙂

  17. Damn, Michael J. beat me to it. You have a lovely wife, and as for you? Shed the jacket and tie, as well as the shoes and socks. Get some hair extenstions, dust off the ol' Claymore and say, "There can be only one."

  18. To all – You're too kind. I apologise for my wife ruining a good photo of me. Joking!Thanks.

  19. What a lovely couple you guys make… Both look smashing!!

  20. Lookin' braw in yer kilt. Well done te yer wee lassie.

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