An Award………

Last week I was given this award by a couple of great writers, Chris Allinotte and Pixie J. King.

What you have to do is pass it on to 5 others and then write 6 truths and 1 lie OR 6 lies and 1truth about yourself.

Well here are the five people I nominate.

Anthony Venutolo.
Col Bury
Paul Phillips
Coraline J. Thompson
Mike R MaCrum

Right, onto the other part…..

1. I have five tattoos, although one is a self inflicted shit one!

2. I was born in a barn.

3. I’ve worked in the recording studios of the excellent band, Simple Minds.

4. When we were kids we had battles with kids from another town. I got a good kicking off a few of them, but when I was getting up I had a “premonition” of something being thrown at me from behind. I instantly put my hands over my head and felt something bounce off my fingers and smash against a wall. It was a milk bottle.

5. I appeared, as an extra, in a TV show called THE COPS a few years ago. It was filmed “documentary” style with a shaky camera etc. In one episode you could see me from my shoulders down with my arms folded across my chest with my self inflicted shit tattoo on show.

6. The first time I met the girl who has been my wife for the past 17 years was when I was 11 years old.  She was also the first girl I ever kissed. Not the best……….I’m joking, don’t tell her!

7. I’m on the register as a bone marrow donor and cycled from Manchester to Blackpool (58 miles) in 4 hrs with only 3 days preparation. I raised over £300 in those 3 day for The Anthony Nolan Trust. I had trouble with my undercarriage for days!

So, you decide the truths or lies.  Apologies to people I didn’t pass it on to but I know some people don’t like awards and some are busy.  Everyone else can share the award with me!

You know the drill…………….



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5 responses to “An Award………

  1. "I was born in a barn."Wow, you must leave a lot of doors open. Cheers on raising that money.

  2. Number five is a half truth. Extra = I was arrested for public indecency. 😉

  3. Thanks David, if I can find some time, I will follow this up. For the record, I think working in the recording studio of Simple Minds is a lie…no one has worked in there for decades!!! Thanks gain, mate…cheers!

  4. It's the born in a barn … which leaves me in awe of all the other accomplishments, including having the marbles to give yourself a tattoo!

  5. Thanks for the award, bud!!! I'll wear it proudly, brother…

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