Photo-Finish Friday…..The Earthquake House

As usual, I’m late with this.  I hate work, but who doesn’t?  Anyhow, here’s my offering for this week.  This little house, it’s probably smaller than a prison cell, is in the next village from us.  It’s situated on a small hill in Comrie, known as the “shaky toon” because it actually lies on a fault line and picks up earthquakes.  It actually recorded the Tsunami from 2004.

Thanks to Leah J. Utas for creating Photo-Finish Friday.



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11 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..The Earthquake House

  1. What a cute little house. And so talented. Perhaps it's ironic, but that picture looks so peaceful.

  2. What a cute wee house – does anyone live in it, David?

  3. I've been to Comrie, but didn't see that cool house. Who lives there… Ronnie Corbett 🙂

  4. Cool house and fascinating info about it. This has to make it into one of your stories.The possibilties are endless!

  5. Fascinating, I had no idea that earthquakes even touched the UK. Of course, I hate to go all Crocodile Dundee on you and say, "Earthquake? That's not an earthquake. Nowwwwww, t-t-t-t-his is an eaaaarrrthquake.?

  6. Go find an old sky dish and put it on it in the dead of night for a laugh.

  7. Laurita – You’re spot on. It’s a beautiful little area, so quiet and still yet inside the seismograph is working away. Thanks for looking.Sue – Thanks. It’s a great little house, but the only thing living in there is the seismograph. There’s no room for anything else. It is that small. Col – It’s just outside Comrie, over an old bridge which we did drive past. I’ll take you next time and we can have a chat with Ronnie! Leah – It certainly does. Thank you.Sean – Thanks, mate. You’ve got me thinking now. I wrote a story a while ago and I left the ending ‘open’. There is scope to incorporate that little house. Click Here Cormac – HA! Thanks, mate. It picks up quite a bit of stuff.Lee – That would spook the locals out way too much, as well as get you locked up when they found out it was the Englishman who did it! HA!

  8. Didn't realize you were in Scotland. I will now "hear" your posts with a different brand of the mother tongue…

  9. If the house is 'a-rockin', please come 'a-knockin'.

  10. Ron – Thanks for looking, mate. I am English, but living up here is more than a world away from the hustle and bustle of where I'm from originally: Manchester, England.Randal – Ha! If the house rocked too much there's a good chance it will crumble to nothing. Thanks for popping over, dude.

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