For Lily Childs…..

Over at Lily Childs blog, she had a post about spiders.  He’d written a poem and asked for people to write their stories, fact or fiction, about encounters with the beautiful eight legged critter.

Well, mine went like this.

I was doing a bathroom in Manchester, before we moved up here.  In the house, the owners daughter had a couple of aquariums in her bedroom.  I know this because she was in at the time I was there.  Clean your minds!!  Anyway, she told me that she had two spiders.  A tarantula and some other huge thing that ate birds in the wild.  Anyway she asked me if I wanted to hold the tarantula (the other was to vicious).  I said yes, being six feet three inches and a builder type.

So, she lifted the lid off the aquarium and told me to pick the spider up.

What the Fuck!!!


I did!  Bearing in mind that I have quite large hands, it was a monster.  From the photo (Taken on a phone) you can’t see my hands shaking!

“So, they don’t bite do they?”

“Not normally, but if it does I’ll drive you to hospital.”

“Okay, you can have it back now!”

Anyway, that’s my spider story.  What’s yours?

Also, over at Alan W Davidson’s blog he has a similar theme and Chris Allinotte’s blog has a spider related story here.

Thanks for looking and you can leave a comment, if you so wish…….if not, don’t!!  🙂



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12 responses to “For Lily Childs…..

  1. I ran across a few spiders like that in Belize. The size is incredible.

  2. I left a comment on Alan's site re. my arachnid encounter. I can't face repeating it again here – far too traumatic! :-o;-p

  3. In Costa Rica our tour bus stopped to let a crippled tarantula cross the road. We all got out and had a look. Poor thing only had seven good legs.

  4. Well, I did ask for it. OK – I'm in awe. I'd have been a right girl and fainted dead away.Thanks for sharing these photos David. Despite my fear, there's no denying their beauty (the spiders – not your filthy hands and clothes). 🙂

  5. It's fine, you can be driven to hospital for the adrenaline shot and the anti-venom, personally I'd just not have molested a spider that'd take more than three sheets of bum-hole polisher to squish, scoop and flush with.Lunatic lol.

  6. "Not normally, but if it does I'll drive you to hospital."That's just goddamn funny. 😀

  7. Nice one, tough guy! :)Ps. I'm shit-scared of 'em!

  8. YOu wouldn't pay me enough to hold that thing. Bugs of any other sort, no problem, but spiders. Blaaaaa. You are a brave man, David.

  9. I can't even look at that picture…I'm such a girl when it comes to bugs. Spiders especially. *shudder*

  10. Ummm…. 'What the fuck' indeed!!

  11. I would have said, "No fucking way," no matter how tall I was. Hats off to you! So cool you had pics to prove it too.

  12. That spider is what we in Canada would refer to as a "pretty big bugger." Hats off for having the fortitude to "cowboy up" and hold the thing.Thanks for the mention too!

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