My Original Dare Piece…..

Okay, here’s the original piece that I sent to JM Prescott’s “Passage” Dare, that was hosted by Paul Phillips last week.

I’d not read the guidelines, so it was too short and I couldn’t really flesh it out because…..I didn’t want to.  So I wrote the other piece, The Passage To India, in quick time as it was getting close to the deadline.

This one made me laugh and I hope it does you.

The Back Passage.

The back passage, eh? Who aint got problems with their back passage?

“Mines all clogged up,” Bert moans.

“I can’t keep mine clean,” Charlie cries.

“Mines took a right old battering,” Mrs Jefferson complains.

My name is Craig Roberts and I’m a Council Worker. I hate to admit it, but my job is to keep their back passages clear of obstructions and litter. It’s a dirty job and to top it off, it’s not very well paid, but to hear them come out with their one liner’s, well, that’s priceless.


You know the drill……….tell me straight.  😉



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6 responses to “My Original Dare Piece…..

  1. Ha ha ha ha…belly laughs here, a-plenty! Esp. re. Mrs Jefferson! Good way to round off the week!Thanks, David!

  2. There is a reason I don't understand British humor I think??? You can 'splain it to me later..

  3. I had a giggle. ;pGood stuff… fun. ((Hugs))Laura

  4. Many of us in Canada get the British sense of humour. That was a giggle, for sure.Now that's a great beginning or into of a character in a longer story about the Council Worker.

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