The Passage To India…..

Jo Prescott, over at her blog JM Prescott, gives out a weekly challenge by way of a dare.  This weeks dare was to write a flash piece about a passage.  The word count had to be between 200-600 words. 

For the next few weeks though, she has guest challengers.  This week it is fellow scribe Paul Phillips.  A very talented writer form Australia.  His blog is certainly worth a look.

Anyway, I thought I’d take up the challenge.  I wrote one that made me laugh out loud but it was too short.  You may be able to guess what it was about seeing as though the word to be used is ‘passage’.  You may also be wrong!  🙂

Hope you enjoy… got me an Honourable Mention.

The Passage To India.

“Quick, I have secret passage. It’s at back of building. Hurry’s,” Roland said.

“Whoa, hang on a mo, here.”

Oh, hang on a mo, here! You’re so fucking lardy dah somtimes, Tarquin. In case you’ve forgotten, we’re being chased,” Kirsty said.

Tarquin shot her a look that could kill. “I’m not going up or down any back passage. Ha! Do you get it? Do you see what I did there? Back passage?”

“You’re such a dick,” Kirsty pushed past him and walked towards Roland. “Take us to the passage, Roland. Ignore him.”

Roland nodded and started walking down a long corridor, past locked doors. There were noises from above: muffled shouts and lots of footsteps.

“How much further, Roland?” Kirsty asked, trying to mask the tension in her voice.

“Not too far. A little bits more,” he replied in broken English.

“I hope he’s getting us out of here. I’m not happy about this. We don’t even know the man.”

“Tarquin please shut up. If you hadn’t mouthed off so much and been the twat that you usually are, we wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

“Mah, mah, mah, mah, mah.”

“Tarquin, you’re not helping… all.”

They carried on another fifty yards or so and then stopped.

“Is this it, Roland?”

“Miss Kirsty, this is it. I cannot go with. Please, be careful. At end of passage there are stairs. Do not go down, please. Always up the back passage,”


“Tarquin! Sorry, Roland. Please carry on,” Kirsty said.

“At top of stairs there are two doors. Please, take left door. No right door. Right door is trouble,” Roland said, looking at Tarquin.

“Thank you, Roland. Tarquin, thank Roland and get your lazy arse in gear.”

“Oh, thanks ever so much, Roly. You really don’t know how funny you are with the old back passage thingamajig.”

“Bye Roland,” Kirsty shouted as they ran down the passage.

“Oh, Miss Kirsty. Why you with such prick?” Roland mumbled as he disappeared back the way he’d brought them.

At the end of the corridor they reached the stairs.

“Always up….”

“Just shut up!” Kirsty said.

They ran the stairs in two’s and reached the two doors.

“Left door?” Kirsty said.

“Right,” Tarquin replied.

“What? I’m sure he said left.”

“Yes, I was saying that was right. Left door.”


Kirsty tried the handle and it turned. Soft music filtered through the crack and they were engulfed in light and beautiful aromas.

“Ah, Miss Kirsty. Apologies for the fracas and you having to use private entrance. Your table is awaiting you. Welcome to the Passage to India.”


Thanks to Paul for giving it his time.

Let me know what you think……….



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9 responses to “The Passage To India…..

  1. Teehee. Tarquin is a bit of a dick, all right! Funny little story though, I like the way it plays on the language thing, with Roland not being fluent and Tarquin having that particular sense of humour. English is an interesting language!

  2. Oh, very good,David! And congrats on the Hon. Mention, too!I can imagine Roland wandering away shaking his head – “Oh, Miss Kirsty. Why you with such prick?” 😉

  3. After such convoluted directioneerign, the food better be worth it. 🙂

  4. Joleen – Thanks. English certainly is an interesting language. I wanted to play about with it some more but the first one I sent in was too short and didn't have much scope to get it into the word count. This one was literally written in ten minutes last night.Sue – Thank you.Randal – The Passage To India was actually a curry house I used to frequent back in Manchester, and yes, the food would be worth it. ;-)Thanks guys!

  5. For 10 minutes, I'd say that's damn impressive, David…

  6. Unexpected ending given the buildup and your fondness for blood n guts. Nicely done David. But I want to know what is behind the door on the right.

  7. Anthony – It really was a rush job. I sent Paul one story but I'd not checked the wordcount. I was then panicking about missing it and it just came out. Thanks, mate.Mike – Thanks, mate. I just write what comes out at the time. Yes, it usually is blood n guts. :-)The door on the right……you really don't want to know, Mike. It'll give you nightmares.

  8. David, thanks again, mate, for playing. Absolutely enjoyed this…your humour always makes me laugh!

  9. I liked Roland. He seemed to have good chemistry with Kirsty…perhaps a sequel?

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