For What?…..

For What?

He’d died for nothing.  He’d served his country, and for what?

He thought he could make a difference and going on a hunger strike was his idea of doing that.

He’d watched too many young men and women die, and for what? It certainly wasn’t for peace. There would never be peace.
War was a good money maker for some people and, after all, it would be remembered long after the self inflicted death of a British Prime Minister.




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11 responses to “For What?…..

  1. If we could just send the leaders (like in the old days) to the battlefield to fight.

  2. Ooh, nice little twist there. I'd have to categorize it as fantasy though, don't think there's any politicians out there willing to make such a sacrifice!

  3. David – Thanks for stopping by. Leaders were leaders in those days. No chance of that now.Jolene – Yes, unfortunately it is a fantasy story. How cool if it was true though. He'd be the man of all men…..maybe. Someone would say he had a hidden agenda, like selling an autobiography or something. 🙂

  4. Brave David, brave. Self-inflicted death of a prime minister? Consider yourself 'on the list' and start looking over your shoulder. 😉

  5. Nicely done David and with a wicked twist; if only our politicians had the courage for this sort of sacrifice.

  6. Lily – Thank you. I'm pretty outspoken, but normally to an audience where nothing will ever be done. (Down the pub, on site etc) If I thought something like this would make a difference, I'd write more of it. Bring them on. I've got broad shoulders so they'd better come in two's! :-)Alan – If only, if only! Thank for dropping in, mate.

  7. Certainly fantasy! No chance of a Brit PM acting like this – their ego's wouldn't allow it.Powerful piece, once again, young man!

  8. That was unexpected, and alas, unlikely. But I really did like the idea, and the execution. 🙂

  9. Loved it. Bit of wish fulfillment, mayhap?

  10. Interesting. An elected leader making a moral stand? Yeah fantasy, but even more so here in the States. I use to have a picture of one of George Bush's daughters laid out on some sidewalk so drunk she couldn't stand up. After seeing that picture and few others with the children of other elected officials doing the same I wondered to myself that if something really dark and evil popped up the rest of us would be royally screwed.

  11. Amusing that the PM went on hunger strike than tried to actually use his power to do something. It makes me think about the differences between actual and perceived power. Nice.

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