FFF #40 – For Starters…..

Friday Flash Fiction time again and this week I’m early.  Cormac gave us another older starter sentence this week, that Mike Macrum gave a long time ago.  All we had to do was come up with a story using that starter sentence.

Sounds easy…….well why don’t you try it one week.  🙂

Anyway, here’s my attempt for this week.  Starter sentence in italics. 


For Starters.

I heard footsteps on the wet sidewalk and the sound of keys and panicked. I’d heard the noise through the open window. She’d told me he wasn’t due home for at least another forty five minutes.

“What the fuck? You said he’d be ages yet.”

“He was supposed to be.”

“Well you’d better get your clothes on; I’m not getting caught like this, for nobody. Come on, shake a leg.”

“Alright, alright, give me a chance.”

Still naked, I sneaked a look out the window and caught site of his silhouette and then a shadow cast onto the slick pavement. If the shadow was anything to go by he was a big fucker, so I certainly didn’t want any trouble.

Soft, muffled footsteps sounded behind me and then I felt hot breath on my neck.

“You’d better cover this up,” she said, clasping her slender fingers round my manhood. “Here are your boxer shorts.”

I turned to face her, and she wearing a wicked smile that was a dark shade of crimson from a fresh application of lipstick. She kissed me hard and then dropped to her knees, taking me into her mouth. We were on the fourth floor which didn’t give us much time, but with adrenaline coursing through my veins like water that had crashed through a dam, it didn’t take her too long to finish me off.

She stood up in front of me, wiping the corners of her smiling mouth. She gave a cheeky wink and then turned away and walked towards the bedroom door.

“Thanks for everything,” she said, “Your money is in an envelope on the kitchen worktop.”

“Thanks,” was all I could come up with.

“I’ll tell him you’re using the bathroom. How long will we have to wait until we eat?”

Pulling on my whites and tying my bandanna round my head I said, “I can have the first course ready in ten to fifteen minutes. Thanks, Mrs Lightfoot, for…err, everything.”

“No problem. Expect a few phone calls from my girlfriends. We’ll be keeping you busy.”

She closed the door and I heard her walking down the corridor and into the living room to meet her husband at the front door.

I sat down on the bed and tied the laces of my trainers. Two months ago I was working sixteen hours a day for a half decent living. This free lance chef work was going to be the best move of my life, well, until their husbands find out.

But then that will be a whole other story…


Let me know what you think.  Good or bad, I can take it……….



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30 responses to “FFF #40 – For Starters…..

  1. Saucy tale , Mr Barber!!! :-oI'm a bit worried you'll chuck in your tiling business…… ;-p

  2. Sue – Thanks! I am a frustrated chef at heart, as I do enjoy cooking…..but now you come to mention it. :-)BTW, what is it with everyone changing their "avatars"?

  3. …ah, I was clearing stuff out of my camera and copying stuff off our main pc efore we replace it. That's the thirs pic I've used this aternoon – not sure if I'll change again…..

  4. You will. I'llbe changing mine again soon. Keeps people guessing! 😉 I'll get round to reading your story a bit later. Thanks! Regards to M.

  5. Oops, the red wine is kicking in! Sorry about the typos.Just re-read your last comment – am really worried now – I'll be very cautious if you ever have a BBQ!!!

  6. M is in Belgium (went over for the GP with Andy) so I've had the place to myself all weekend (bliss!!!!) hence I was straight into FFF! 😉

  7. While the boss is away….you can get a free lance chef in. LOL!!!

  8. Oh, purleese! I can't cope with the toyboy I've already got!!!

  9. BTW – digressing slightly – have you got your copy of Matt's new book? I bought it on day of release but saved it to read over the BH weekend – just the last 60 or so pages to go!!! 😮

  10. Not yet. Not had time to breathe since Col went home. I'll get it in the next couple of weeks though.

  11. You'd better strap yerself in – 'tis a bit of a white-knuckle ride!!!!

  12. Nice story David. There is a market for stories like this. Edgy stuff. You may want to add an "adults only" or "R" rating at the top. I know some flash readers are sensitive to content.

  13. Thanks G.P. I'll put a warnin at the top. have a great day.

  14. Saucy, indeed, David… You may get a whole new fan base after this one.

  15. Anthony – I thought I'd try something a little bit different, and that's the way the story took me. Thanks, mate.

  16. Well, blow me! People normally save the ‘afters’ until last!Like the first course, nicely done David…Kind regards.

  17. Hur, hur you dirty ole devil. Had to read the middle twice 'cos it completely threw me – good one! Methinks we got a peek into the fantasy world of David Barber here, still they say you should write what you know.

  18. Well I for one am deeply appreciative of the content warning. Sensitive to content indeed. Sex is so much worse than violence on my delicate pysche. I am guessing your hero brings more than the standard sized brat to his catering gigs. Great job David.

  19. David, another humourous, but well constructed story. Bit concerned about constitutes dessert if he was the first course……like you said, "that's another story"!

  20. Alan – HA! Thanks mate. It a pretty lame effort on my part.Lily – It's pure fiction….I think!Mike – I'm feeling guilty for offending your sensitive mind now. ;-)Paul – Her desert was her husband…….getting "sloppy seconds". :-)Thanks all.

  21. It definitely feels like a fantasy! Nice job (heh)!

  22. My, when did you start writing erotica? Nice piece of flash here — going from old men talking in a pub to this is one hell of a ride 🙂

  23. Doc

    I got to the *** WARNING! ADULT CONTENT! *** and I knew I was going to love this story! If you will forgive the pun, I thought it was very "ballsy" of you to write this. No one has written anything with "adult" content for FFF before, or at least that I can think of, and you pulled it off and kept it "fairly tasteful" as the rules say. You are breaking new ground here. You should be proud!I can picture some cooking classes in my future, I can tell you that much. By the way, how did you and Mrs. Barber meet? Great tale mate.Doc

  24. Anthony – Thanks mate. I'd accept a few new fans.Flannery – Indeed! Although I do have better fantasies. :-)Chad – Thanks. Thought I'd try something different.Doc – Thanks, mate. I don't know where the story actually came from, as is the routine with 90% of my writing. Glad you enjoyed it. I met my wife when I was a free lance chef and she was marr…..I've said too much! Haha! 😉

  25. Well they do say write what you know. 🙂

  26. Yep, I'm with Doc, how many times do we come here and read a WARNING label? Not often so I knew that whatever was hidden beneath would be an excellent tale. Loved the story, it had me laughing the entire time!

  27. Randal – Thanks, dude. Write what you know, or write what you wish you knew??Coraline – Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. It came from nowhere but I went with it. It seems to have worked.

  28. A great read. Hey, even TV's Naked Chef doesn't provide that service.

  29. David::) Well done! It is indeed a bit "racy". I like the way you handled it. :)I also like the new image at the top of your blog!PipeTobaccohttp://frumpyprofessor.blogspot.com

  30. Gabby & Pipe – Thanks for looking and glad you liked it.

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