Photo-Finish Friday…..

Firstly, apologies for not getting round to your blogs for the past few days.

A good friend of mine , Col Bury, came to visit us with his family.  Some of you may know him from Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers.  Anyway, it was while I was walking him round my back garden (photo) that he told me he had got representation from New York based agent, Nat Sobel.

So, congrats to Col, and good luck with the novel.  I will do a post about his visit and our drinking!!

Seriously, the above photo was taken at Drummond Castle, which is 3 miles from our house.  If you’ve seen the movie Rob Roy, with Liam Neeson, you may recognise the gardens as they were used in the film.  Aparently the whole of the Drummond Castle estate covers some 64,000 acres!

I think everybody who goes to the castle takes the same photo, but this photo was taken with my iPhone (not got round to buying my new camera yet).  It may not do the gardens justice.

Thanks to Leah J. Utas for creating Photo-Finish Friday and allowing me to play along.



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23 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..

  1. I hate it when you people trespass on my land.

  2. Leee, LOL!! Great news about Col and we had a great, drunken chat on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Hopefully we'll be following in his footsteps one day, mate.Have a great weekend.

  3. It's fantastic news about Col, he's churned out the effort and got his job done so now it's time for his rewards. One day's not good enough for me, I want it yesterday, I want 5 million upfront before anythings finished, and a twelve book deal where they sort out me speling iregularrities too lol,We'll get there sooner or later, even if it takes bribery, or blackmail, we'll get there.

  4. What a gorgeous, inviting place.

  5. Dave,It was truly great to spend time with you n yours in such stunning surroundings. And that damn Scottish whisky was strong, man!We'll defo be back, mate.Col

  6. "We'll defo be back, mate"I've heard Col get's to go to most places twice, second time's usually to apologize ;o)

  7. Cor, Dave! I really did think that was your pad! ;-p Trust that Col Bury chappie to put the ky-bosch on your blog-reading timetable – hasn't he got enough attention already?????(you know I don't mean that, don't you Col? eh? Congrats, again, mate – and don't forget the rest of us …)Lovely pic, anyway, David. And on an iPhone, too!

  8. I'm starting to wonder if everyone's backyard up there looks like that. Don't you have any ugly patches of dirt? Sheesh!Congrats to Col Bury, may he sell millions.

  9. Is the good thing about living in Europe. if you love castles, there are plenty of them!

  10. Extraordinary shot and I'll expect you to take me there also when I drop by.

  11. Lee – We'll get there and I'm into a bit of blackmailing. You should see the photos I've got of Col.Leah – Thanks.Col – Any time mate. It was great to have you round.Sue – If that was my pad, I wouldn't be tiling! My garden is pretty similar, but bigger…..not. Thanks.Randal – I have some ugly patches of dirt in my garden. They're too far away from the house to be too bothered about. πŸ™‚ Cheers, mate.Deka – You're not wrong. They're everywhere up here. Thanks, mate.

  12. David – Anytime, mate. The shot doesn't actually do it that much justice. It really is a beautiful little place. Let me know when you're coming. πŸ™‚

  13. Yeah! Allow me to be a little.. well, watch this: is the Frias Castle, north of the province of Burgos, less than 100 kms. from where i live. A truly awesome fortress.

  14. Congratulations to the Col. πŸ™‚ That's wonderful that you got a chance to visit with him. Love those gardens. I did see Rob Roy but can't remember any of the scenery. Liam Neeson is one of my favourite actors. Have a lovely weekend friend. ((Hugs))Laura

  15. Thanks for the kind comments, Dave, Lee, Sue, Randal and Sunshine – they're greatly appreciated.Regards,Col

  16. Deka – Great shout. That is a spectacular castle. I stopped in Toledo a few year back on a tour from England to southern Spain in our camper van. That was a great place too. Spain does have some spectacular places. Thanks for the link.Have a great weekend.Laura – Thanks. Deserved news about Col. He's worked really hard to get his novel where it is and he now deserves to reap the benefits from that. Glad you liked the photo. Have a lovely weekend too.

  17. Great photo of the gardens, David. Funny enough, all the times I've been back I've never visited Drummond Castle. Even though Rob Roy is one of my favourite movies. That's excellent news about Col getting a New York agent! Congrats to him (via your blog).

  18. Alan – Thanks mate. Next time you do get over, let me know and we can take in the castle and drop a few wee drams at the distillery. :-)I'll pass on your goog wishes to Col, although he may look and thank you himself.Read your story for Friday Flash. Enjoyed it and left a comment. Have a great weekend.

  19. I won the lottery on Friday – is Drummond Castle up for grabs? Don't expect my Β£11.88 win will quite cut it.Sounds like you and Col had a great time and well and truly celebrated Col's brilliant news. Aaaah, whisky distilleries… my hubby was a Cognac distiller for 7 years – I remember the lingering reek of pure alcohol very well!

  20. Lily – Thanks. It is a beautiful place. I don't think your lottery win will quite cut with the owners. πŸ™‚

  21. Glad you liked the photo. Ah, Toledo… to tel the truth, i know more Toledo by his swords. I often ask myself how many tons of Toledan steel was forged back in the medieval age.Lily, you'r lucky. Won more than i πŸ˜‰

  22. Alan, Lily – many thanks.And, of course, to Dave for hosting the Burys!

  23. Col – Any time……man! πŸ™‚

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