An Intermission On My Current Writing Spree…..

“I say, you read one, you get one free.  I SAY, YOU READ ONE, YOU GET ONE FREE!”

A small break in my current project to tell you about a couple of the flash pieces I wrote last week. 

I was thinking that they were worth a wider audience, so I sent them off to Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers and, thanks to the guys over there for their time and effort, they were accepted.. They are now up for reading, or re-reading if you’ve seen them already.  🙂

The two stories are To A Better Place & One Wish, and they can both be read HERE.

Thanks to all who have commented and given encouragement.  It’s very much appreciated.



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5 responses to “An Intermission On My Current Writing Spree…..

  1. Great. Perfect reads for a rainy day. Just let me get a coffee and settle in.On an unrelated note, I happened to see a show last night about Crieff. Your photos don't lie.

  2. Well done, David…much deserved!

  3. BBC

    That red waterfall is freaky.

  4. hmmmmmm the place looks different….must be the new drapes, huh?

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