Over The Edge…..

Over The Edge.

I knew it would happen. It was bound to, and to make it even more laughable, I’d told them it would happen too.

Mr Merton, we don’t believe you mean that. You’re under a lot of pressure at the moment and saying that is part of it. Please, carry on with the medication and we’ll see you in two weeks.”

Fucking idiots!

My appointment with the medical team was this afternoon at four o’clock. I wasn’t going to make it. They were coming to see me at work, well they were now after the phone conversation I’d just had with them.

“Well, that’s it. I’ve done what I said I was going to do. You could have avoided it if you’d only listened. I think you’d better cancel our four o’clock and bring it forward to, well, anytime now.”

I owned a small textile business on the outskirts of Manchester. I’d had the business for eight years and it had given me a very nice life, up until the recession had kicked in. That was when all the shit had started happening and my life was turned on its arse.

I had five staff, all women as they were better workers than most of the blokes I’d employed in the past. The only thing now was that I only had one member of staff left. And that was because she was on sick leave. Apparently she was having tests for cancer. How ironic that an illness that could kill her, if not found early enough, had saved her life.

The sirens sounded in the distance. I checked my watch. Bang on time. I walked into the cutting room. Two of my employees were slumped over the table they were stood at when I put a bullet through their heads. My other two employees were lay on the floor, the blood from their head wounds pooling together to create a dark, crimson puddle.

The sirens were louder now and I heard tyres skidding outside the building. I walked to my desk and calmly sat down. The gun I’d used to kill the four women was lying on the desk top.

Why had they not listened to me? I’d told them what was going to happen. They could have stopped this. Well, it was too late now. They would have to live with five deaths on their conscience. The first thing they would see when they came in would be a man blowing his own brains out.

The last thing I saw was the door being kicked in.


You know the drill………..



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4 responses to “Over The Edge…..

  1. "Man on the Edge" is a great theme and you do it very well, Sir!! Are we seeing a FFF from you this week??

  2. Paul – Thanks, mate. Yes, I'm working on one so Hopefully I'll get it posted on time.

  3. Hiya mate.Very topical and, scarily, matter-of-fact.See you tomorrow!Col

  4. Nasty piece of psychological crime there David. Good one.Like the new profile pic. BTW!

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