Photo-Finish Friday….The Original Clash Of The Titans.

Following on from a photo I posted a few weeks ago form a diving holiday to Malta, I thought I’d post a photo from the same holiday but from land.  Some of you may recognise these rocks from the original 1981 version of Clash Of The Titans, when the Kraken comes out of the sea to claim Andromeda.

Malta has been quite a playground for Hollywood producers over the years.  If you’re interested click here for a list of movies filmed there.

Photo-Finish Friday is the creation of Leah J. Utas.  Please go and give her blog a look-in.  There’s some fine stuff on there…

You know the drill………



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12 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday….The Original Clash Of The Titans.

  1. Great photo, David. I vaguely remember this scene, but in fairness, it may only be due to you saying so. I saw it in the theatre and 1981 was a very long time ago.

  2. Thanks, Leah. It is just one of those things. As soon as we got down to the dive site and we saw it, it was one of those moments…."Isn't that the rock thingymajig out of Clash…."Have a great weekend, Leah.

  3. Malta, a very mysterious place, if you dig a little in the right places. And the Knights of Malta, of course!

  4. Y'know David – you could set your own challenge here for flash fiction by getting folks to write a piece inspired by your wonderful piccies!(just a thought…..)

  5. ONE FINE DAY?? Don't remember any shots of Malta in THAT film… Great pic, David…

  6. Deka – It really is a great place, just unfortunate that there aren't any big sandy beaches….well not at the places we went to.Sue – Thanks. There are way too many flash fiction challenges at the moment. Feel free to do one though. :-)Anthony – Thanks, man. The thing with where we went, there are so many great little narrow streets with old shops and bars on them. Pfieffer and Clooney could have been in one of those and you wouldn't have noticed?? The late great Oliver Reed loved Malta, and we went in the bar where he used to go. Signed photos of him all aover the place. Aparently, it was beleived that he said it was a place he would be happy to die…not Malta itself, but the bar. Ha!

  7. That makes me wanna be there. Extraordinary shot.

  8. Laurita & David – Thanks. About 50 yards from where I was stood was the best scuba dive I've ever done. That's another photo though.

  9. Clash of the Titans… thump thump… one of my favorites… gets the old juices flowing. Gorgeous pic David

  10. Arkid n I used to watch 'Clash of the Titans' on video over n over. Classic. Good shout.

  11. Coraline & Col. Thanks and it really is a great place. The rock formations of the area where the photo was taken is almost like it's from another planet. Awesome!!

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