Class Act…..

“Oh wow!  I’ve never seen one so big!”
“Start rubbing it and wait and see.”

“Oh my, it is impressive.”

“Just keep rubbing it, I guarantee you it gets better.”

“Goodness me!  You’re not wrong, look at that.”

“Okay, keep it up.  That’s it, that’s right.  Now start rubbing it a bit harder…..oh that’s good.  Yes, you’re doing a grand job.”

“Oh, Charles, that’s the most beautiful shaft I’ve ever seen.  Just….just, gorgeous.”

“Now, Christine, you need to start making longer strokes but keep up that rhythm.  We’re nearly there now.”

“Oh my sweet Jesus, Charles.  That’s beautiful.  Oh, look how it cascades from the end of it.  It’s almost like a fountain.”

God, I love my brass rubbing class!


You know the drill………….



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12 responses to “Class Act…..

  1. Oh my. I think I might have to find one of those classes. That was quite a build up, Daivd, with a very satisfying end.

  2. Cheeky! Very, cheeky!

  3. well…. mo betta a brass rubbing class than an ass kissing class. Just sayin'

  4. LOL!!! You got me. Great story!Of course my mind stays in the gutter.

  5. G

    I must admit, you have a knack for knocking people over with your swerves.Thanks for the chuckle.

  6. Hah hahaha … Nice, David…

  7. This is just a big bowl of wrong…

  8. I always knew you had the classiest blog on the internets. 😉

  9. Thanks guys. Glad it gave you a smile!Michael – You know you loved it!

  10. I know you'd like that one mate. Manchester sense of humour!

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