Unblinking eyes stared up at me.

What was she thinking when it happened? Did anything go through her mind?

Those eyes, once bright and full of life were now clouding over.

That must be what cataracts are like, I thought. Like looking through smoke filled goggles.

Fuck! A twitch passed through her body. After all this time, they still startled me.

Picking up the knife, I ran my gloved hand over her cold flesh. A voice bellowed out around the room, bouncing off the polished stainless steel.

“Service starts in half an hour. Are those fish ready yet?”

“Yes chef!” I shouted back. I looked down at the sea bass, wiping away the roe that had escaped from her and whispered one word.



**This is the start of a new routine for me.  I am going to try and write something new every day for as long as I can keep it up.  Hopefully I won’t “regurgitate” any of my old stuff, but if the odd one slips in then so be it.  Your comments would be a great help while I’m trying this.**

You know the drill……….



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14 responses to “Sorry…

  1. Slippery little tale, this. I liked it.

  2. Jeez, how do write a story in 125 words or less? Now I guess I know.

  3. G

    Solid.Was completely surprised by the ending.

  4. A fish!!!???Well, I didn't see that one coming. Hahaa. Great stuff. Very surprising. :)((Hugs))Laura

  5. And what a great start. Excellent twist. Keep 'em coming David!

  6. Fishy stuff! Nice twist David and hats off to you for starting this project.Kind regards.

  7. Nice one! (and to think I was toying with buying some sea bass in Tesco's this morning – but the staring eyes put me off and I resisted!)Looking forward to the daily 'fix' – you are so disciplined!

  8. HA! One fish two fish red fish dead fish.

  9. Thanks guys!Dr Randal Zeus. Haha!

  10. Nice work, David…I like your commitment to your craft. A post every day? Good luck!

  11. Thanks, Paul, I'll see how long I can last?!?!

  12. Beach – It's going to kill me, but I'm on a mission. It's a bit of an experiment and I will post the results when I've worn myself out. Thanks, man!

  13. Well slap me int face with a dead fish!Very good, indeed.

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