I don’t normally write heartfelt stuff, but today I’m feeling a bit sentimental.  I’ve certainly never wrote about this…


I watched her sleeping next to me, her chest rising and then gently falling. A quiet sob got muffled behind her closed lips and then her eyes suddenly opened wide. They stared at me as if questioning who I was and then slowly, the corners of her mouth lifted and that big smile spread across her beautiful face.

I looked over at the bedside table, checking the time and then looked at the photo of my wife, her eyes penetrating mine and melting my heart.

How can I love two people so much?

The thing was, I had to make room for another. Today I was going to pick up my wife and my second baby girl from the hospital.

I am a very lucky man.


The above is almost a true account.  My wife had to stay in hospital twice, due to having a Cesarean for both our daughters.  The second of which could have been fatal for both my wife and daughter if she’d have gone into labour, but that’s another story….

You can comment if you want to, but this was just a personal and heartfelt scribble….



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10 responses to “Love…

  1. Obviously, spoken from the heart. And most of us can relate.

  2. …aaah! Ne'ery a dry eye in t'house! 🙂

  3. The thing is, we don't have the bed to ourselves any more. We wouldn't swap it for the world though!Thanks guys.

  4. …make the most of it, David! Before you know where you are they're walking out the door and off into the big wide world. No matter how many people said it to me, it still took me by surprise!

  5. This truly was beautiful, David. Watching your child sleep creates such profound emotions. This captured that perfectly, then added something extra.

  6. Great post my friend! But forgive me if I write that I am about ready for my son to go to college.

  7. David… You do mushy very well. Great stuff, man.

  8. Very nice, David. You are ready to make the transition from noir to romance any day now.

  9. Thanks guys. Appreciate your comments.

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