The Box.

This short piece was inspired by Lily Child’s Friday Prediction.  This was last weeks entry.  Go and check it out and maybe give it a go…  Her rules are simple.  She chooses 3 words and you have to include them in a flash piece of no more than 100 words.

The Box.

For my freedom, they’d taken my wife’s jewellery box. A beautiful box, decorated with tiny shells we’d collected on a beach a month or so before her death.

Her killers had returned, shouting in broken English about a memory stick and had then left with the box.

Marie was a beautiful woman, too beautiful for the work she carried out. Her love of explosives had cost her her life but had saved mine.

Inside the box was a tiny ballerina. Marie had rigged the box to explode on her third pirouette. The explosion left a cavernous hole in the road.


Hope you liked it.  Let me know………..You know the drill.



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9 responses to “The Box.

  1. I like the idea of the explosion being timed to the third pirouette.

  2. Kablam! Nice one. The box seemed so pretty, so innocuous.

  3. I liked it. Short and sweet. :)((Hugs))Laura

  4. Nicely done David. I'll have to check out Lily's blog; sounds like fun.Kind regards.

  5. Short and deadly, i like it.

  6. Big things come in small packages… KABOOM!

  7. That twirling ballerina as a trigger is inspired. I could see the mechanics in the box's underbelly wired tight and ready to discharge. Revenge is sweet.

  8. Thanks guys, and thanks to Lily for giving us a pinch of inspiration on a Friday.

  9. Nice complete story David. You used your 100 words well indeed.Liked the idea so much, I jumped over to Lily's place and played also.

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