Photo-Finish-Friday…..The Fruits Of The Land.

Nurturing the perfect wine!  Following from last weeks photo, this was taken on our “Euro Trip” through France and Spain a few years back.  The historic town of Saint Emilion.  Vinyards as far as the eye could see.  A beautiful place where the ‘Chateau’s’ had their own wine shops and thought nothing of letting you try very largs glasses of ALL their wines.  Fantastic!!

Nature At Its Finest!  Don’t touch those wires though, you’ll be picking shot gun pellets out of your arse for days!

Thanks to Leah J. Utas for creating Photo Finish Friday and allowing me to play along..  Please give her blog some of your time.



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12 responses to “Photo-Finish-Friday…..The Fruits Of The Land.

  1. These look to me like Triffids.

  2. Ah David. I spent many a trip to St. Emilion. Dusty heat, hearty food, huge goblets spilling with the blackest wines…I can feel another holiday coming on.

  3. Evan – Ha! I can assure you those 'triffids' produced some very fine wine.Lily – Glad I could bring back some memories for you. A beautiful little place that you described perfectly.

  4. About the stupidest thing I did relatively recently was attended a wine and cheese tasting at the very last minute. Ten US dollars and my wife and I got an all you could drink and eat entrance and we made the most of it. In fact there was one Spanish wine that was chilled and I loved so much my wife yelled at me not to drink it like some soda, which I was. There were the usual French wines as well as German which, no offence to anyone but for some reason it surprised me they existed, as well as several Spanish and Italian wines.The wine and cheese was great fun until we had to drive home and I realized I was seriously drunk with my wife close to passing out. Somehow I drove the two-hundred miles back home, laid down on the couch once we got back, and do not remember doing any of it!

  5. Bum, if you'r going to drive, do not drink, is dangerous!

  6. Beach – You're a very naughty boy! 😉 A great night though, I'll bet. My wife and I went to a cheese and wine night before Christmas last year in the next village (Only 6 miles away) Luckily my wife isn't really a drinker….so I drank enough for both of us!Deka – You tell him!

  7. I'd love to wander around that vineyard. Sounds like you had a great day there.Thanks for the plug.

  8. Even better than a great day!! Wine aplenty.You're more than welcome, Leah.

  9. "Nuturing the perfect wine" has to be the best opening sentence for any blog post ever. That certainly sounds like my kind of trip.

  10. I was going to type a jealous rant against your continental traveling, but what's the point in following Evan's astute observation.

  11. Sounds wonderful!Great picture. :)((Hugs))Laura

  12. totally jealous..send a bottle or two my way willya??

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