An Award…..Or Two

Okay.  So I’ve been out of the loop of late but 2 very beautiful people decided to award me with The Versatile Blogger award. 

Those 2 are, Coraline J. Thompson and Anthony Venutolo.

Coraline is quite new on the scene but I have this de-ja-vu feeling that I know her from somewhere.  🙂    Her blog Striking Writes is quite new but is becoming very popular.  Go and check it out…now!

Anthony is well known around Blogdom.  He writes some very fine flash fiction, poetery and also keeps us up to date with things across the pond.  He also “podcasts” some of his writes and I’ve got to say has one of the coolest voices I’ve heard and also chooses some awesome tunes to accompany them.  If you haven’t already visited Bukowski’s Basement, then I urge you to…now!

Right, aparently I have to share some interesting facts with you.  I’m unsure how many as Coraline gave 7 and Anthony gave 10.  I’ll stop when I’m bored……or you stop when you’re bored!

1.  I was born on the 5th January 1969.  My parents have no pictures of me when I was a baby and to this day I’m convinced I was adopted.  (Just to wind them up)

2.  The first girl I ever kissed is now my lovely wife, Lisa.  She knew what she was doing so I still have reservations about her.  😉

3.  I was a Fireman at Manchester International Airport until I got an injury.  Nothing spectacular or heroic so not worth going into.

4.  I once met heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Lennox Lewis.  I’m 6ft 3 and he towered over me.  I could have took him though…….

5.  I used to scuba dive (before my darling daughters came along…arrgghhh!) and got to PADI Divemaster level.  On a dive in the Maldives I checked my depth guage and noticed we were 37 metres (we should have only been 18 being newly qualified) and then noticed that white tip reef sharks were circling below us.  Awesome!!!

6.  I love cooking and do most of the cooking at home.  I love experimenting with foods and am quite possibly a frustrated chef.

7.  I’ve been arrested once for being drunk and disorderly and causing damaged to a pub window (I punched it in)  It happened on the night of the day I left school at 16 years old.  I’ve never been in trouble with the police since, probably because of the look of dusgust I got from my father and the fact that my parents didn’t speak to me for a week or so!  Hhhmmm, wonder why that doesn’t work with kids these days?  Probably because their parents are in the pubs that they drink in!!!!  (Sorry, ranting again!!)

8.  I’m quite partial to the odd tipple of single malt whiskey and funnily enough live less than half a mile from Scotland’s oldest ditillery.  The Glenturret Whisky Distillery.

9.  I went to New York for my 30th birthday, a treat from my beautiful wife.  We actually flew on my birthday and got a free upgrade to first class because I worked at Manchester Airport.  I have photo’s from the top of The World Trade Centre.  A freezing cold -8 day with a beautiful blue sky.  A perfect trip if there could ever be one.  If you’ve never been, you have got to go to NewYork.  It’s certainly a  place I would actually live!

10.  I’m bored now.  What?  You were bored after the first one?  Well fu…….

Now I have to nominate some peeps I like.  I’m not going to nominate 10 as youyou’re supposed to.  As Anthony said on his blog, I don’t want to flood the place by naming people that have been already nominated.

Col Bury.  He has some awesome stuff on his blog.  Short stories, flash fiction and some great authour interviews.

Beach Bum.  Onther guy who expresses himself really well with flash fiction as well as letting us know what’s going on across the mighty pond.

Mike Macrum.  An altogether top bloke who writes great stories and lets us know what’s on his mind.

Sue Harding.  The knitting assasin!

Paul D. Brazill.  No info required!

David Cranmer.  He’s a cool dude with some top posts and a great e-zine to boot.

Doc.  A great, honest bloke with real “campire” stories.  Visit his blog and you’ll be wanting to go camping with him just so he can read his stories to you.

OkJimm.  I’ve not known him long but it’s like I’ve known him forever.  He has some great posts!

I’m calling it a day at that.  I know some people are busy with their novels and other things, so you know I’m thinking about you and sending you my good wishes.  Please feel free to share the award with me.




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14 responses to “An Award…..Or Two

  1. Cheers, Dave. Thanks for thinking of me. And it was interesting to read about you. I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about you, but you kept that arrest quiet, you naughty boy!See yer soon, mate.

  2. And thanks from me too, sir!I'm pleased to receive your nomination – OK grovelling done! (but there's more on my blog….! 😉 )

  3. Congrats, David. You're 6'3…I feel like such a shrimp. Diving is something I've always wanted to learn. Perhaps next time I'm over I'll hire you as my instructor…

  4. A photo atop the World Trade Center. Now, the image is a true historical document. Treasure it, Dave!

  5. Thanks, Dave! Much appreciated. I did a little link on my site.

  6. Manchester England EnglandAcross the Atlantic SeaAnd I'm a genius geniusI believe in GodAnd I believe that GodBelieves in ClaudeThat's me that's me(Sorry, couldn't resist…)

  7. Glad you accepted the award my friend!

  8. What can a "Top bloke" say? Uh well…….Pass that bottle over here. I want some of what you're drinking. Top bloke indeed. But thanks for the vote of confidence. Maybe one day I'll reach "Fair to Middlin Bloke" status. I'll dust off some space on the bling shelf.

  9. I thought all you Brits were short from scurvy you got on the high seas. Stop ruining perfectly good cultural stereotypes!

  10. HA! //but it's like I've known him forever. // Yupperz…… just like a bad foot fungus, I am unforgettable! Seriously….. you flatter me too much. Ha! …but you can do it anytime! Thanks!

  11. Doc

    Honestly David, I am truly touched. I think that perhaps Mr. Macrum said it best, "What can a Top Bloke say?"I am honored to be included among such top-shelf writers and I'll read any recommendations you have. If this people write well enough to impress you then they are worth my time. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, as it tickles me to no end to share my little "campfire" tales. Cheers to you David, and thanks.Doc

  12. Thanks peeps and you're more than welcome. You've given me encouragement and advice over the past 'almost' year and I appreciate it.

  13. Thanks David! I never got past PADI advanced open water certification. Dived several wrecks off the coast of South Carolina but none were anything to write home about. Made the mistake of selling my equipment after I got out of the army, couldn't find anyone to dive with and it was taking up far too much room. Second biggest mistake I ever made. The biggest was selling my surfboard.

  14. Thanks mate- not so versatile over the summer but back in Poland in 2 weeks so …

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