I arrived back from my “working holiday” in Manchester last night.  My family came back home 4 days earlier so it was great to see my three ‘women’ again! 

I will catch up with all your blog’s and stories etc as soon as I can. 


To get me back into the swing of things, I thought I would post a short piece that was kindly published by the lads at Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers on 17th September 2009. 

I am working on some new writing and will be posting some stories shortly.

I hope you enjoy the following and all comments are appreciated.  I’ve not not done a re-write, so it’s as it appeared on TKnC.  I’m hoping that my writing has improved since then so please let me know either way.  I won’t hold it against you…..no, I probably will!  🙂

I look down at the gun in my hand, having no idea how and why it got there and why there was a faint smell of cordite still emanating from the end of the barrel.

I’m sat in my living room, the television showing that there was an imminent end to the current life of bad weather and recession.

A sudden searing pain in my stomach snatches my attention away from the television and I put my hand to my midriff where blood is now flowing freely.

Behind me, beyond the kitchen I hear the back door slam shut and it’s only then that I notice the photograph on the coffee table in front of me.

Through blurring vision I can just make out my secretary and I in a position most commonly favoured by mans best friend – “Oh fuck…………”

Outside my wife walks away from our house, tears in her eyes, while the life slowly drains from mine.


You know the drill…..



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18 responses to “Hello……..

  1. Welcome back, young man! I trust you are fully refreshed from your 'holiday' – tan nicely topped up? ;-pThis is short and sweet. I thought it was def suicide…..but on a second (and third!) read I'm not so sure? Hmmmmm…You have a great knack of delivering a fully-formed story in very few words – well done!

  2. Good to have you back.Excellent story. I'm inclined to say no 'cuz the shot's in the tummy,but…

  3. No worries, Dave. I guessed that your job overran. We'll speak soon about August.Ps. Not suicide.

  4. Nice short tale Dave and… not suicide!Kind regards.

  5. Good to have you back, man. Great story and it was worth another read!

  6. Welcome back David1 The story, er.. shocking, really.

  7. Thanks guys, it's good to be back. Deka, is that "shocking" as in good or bad? Over here, shocking can mean scary as well as rubbish, shit etc. I won't hold it against you…honest. 🙂

  8. Ha! Confusion, even in the English language. Nice story, David. A first read for me. Looks like a gut-shot from the jealous wife. Sucks to be him. Hope you had a grand time (aside from the work part). Nice to have you back in the fray.

  9. Thanks Alan. A great time and the work was good as well. A good earner with some very satisfied customers. What more can you ask? Thanks mate.P.s. Is my book still on that banana boat? Hahaha!

  10. Well ity's about time you showed back up… Hope you're well…. And I dig that cool piece. Nothing like a woman scorned.

  11. Good to see you back, David. Classy little piece (even allowing for the typo in the second paragraph – bet you wish I hadn't dropped by!!)Hope to see some new stuff from you soon.Cheers!

  12. Yes, its great to see you back, totally missed you!

  13. Huh, women. Can't live with them, can't survive infidelity on them either. Good to have you back, Man. F-F-F. And Blogdom isn't quite the same without you.

  14. Finally sobered up enough to post, huh.

  15. Since it's headed to Scotland, it's probably in with a container load of crisps. Kara got her book 2 days ago, aparently, so it's getting closer!

  16. Shit. Thought I had already commented. Well, you can be assured it was something pithy and to the point.Welcome back.

  17. Thanks guys. It's great to feel wanted. 😉

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