When Is It Going To Stop?….

Apologies for this post, but the endless bullshit that we are fed just does my head in!
Not only is fast food bad for you, it also fucks up your teeth!!

The above comment was made up by myself, but good on ‘yahoo’ for using the picture and not using some staged photo with a model with perfect teeth.  Oh, sorry that is a model and she was paid loads!  Hahahaha!

I’m not normally the type for having a rant, unless it’s about the sphincters that call themselves the “England Football Team”, but I’m getting pretty fed up with the “shit” that the media keep spewing up, backed by the medical profession ,who are then backed by the Government.

I recall, not that long ago, a news report that the medical profession had decided that people were living longer. 

Scenario…Not a real coversation (Or is it?) The retirement age is real though.

“What, living longer?” said the dim-witted Prime Minister, dressed as Cinderella. (Link)
“Yes, we seem to be living longer.  People aren’t popping their cloggs until they’re averaging the heady heights of 68, maybe even 69,” the dim-witted, top medic replied.
“Well, it’s about time we upped the working age. Yes, as from now, the men of the UK will work until they are 67.  We can work on the women and grind those bitc…”

You get the drift.

Now, I’m all for people working for a living.  I’ve not been out of work since the day I left school, but when are we supposed to be able to enjoy this life to the full.  I’m self-employed and hopefully I won’t have to work until I’m 67, but I’m not going to be laying tiles when I’m that old!  Jesus, I struggle to get up off the floor with two shot knees as it is. 

Anyhow, I digress.  I then recall a news report that obesity, and in particular child obesity, is a major problem in the UK (like its not anywhere else in the world) and that its causing diabetes, heart and liver problems and its basically killing us and our kids! 

I thought we were living longer?!?!?!

Okay!  Who can we blame?  X-Box?  Playstation?  Television?  The Government? (Probably, because they’re t***s).  Parents?  YES!!  We can blame the parents!  Kids can’t get to McDonalds and KFC on their own.  Kids don’t do the weekly shop and buy everything that needs to be deep fucking fried.  Kids don’t pack their own lunch bags full of shit!

We need to blame the parents!

And then we get this latest report, blaming the food industry for the “obese look”.   

A top medic calls for urgent action on salt and fat in foods.  What?  Salt and fat are bad for you?  Well, blow me…..opps, sorry.  I’ve just dropped a huge blob of lard on my keyboard from my deep fried lard coated salt ball I’m eating.  Sorry, just hang on a mo…..

Ahh, that’s all cleaned up now *smacks lips together*. 

COME ON!  We don’t need a top doctor to tell us that, surely.  We all know that salt and fat are bad for us if we eat “salt coated lard balls” but as we’ve always been led to believe………..everything in moderation!

So when is it going to stop?  Are we living longer or we all dying off due to fatness and its colleagues? 

As with writing, there are only so many plot lines available, so it must be the same with the media.  There must only be so many story lines available and they just have to keep spewing the same ones out.  Come on, we don’t need to be constantly told what’s bad for us.  We Know!

On the plus side of this.  We’ll be able to read these same old bullshit reports for years to come as it’s now been decided, again, that we are living longer.  Oh, no…no we’re not.  Oh wait, hang on, yes we are.  No, no we’re not.  Sorry, yes we are.




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15 responses to “When Is It Going To Stop?….

  1. Blame the parents? HELL YES!! I hate the line "we are far too busy to cook". What complete bollocks!! I am a single dad, am out of the house from 8.30am til near 6pm every night being self-employed, yet I find time to cook a proper meal 6 nights a week (the other night is catch-and-kill-your-own night). Food doesn't have to be extravagent to be healthy.As for the medical fraternity, the less said about them in this country the better.

  2. I'm not normally the type for having a rant…Me either but sometimes I can't help myself. You know when I was growing up a visit to a fast food place was something that occurred once a month at best. Of course back then everything we did was withing a few miles, at least here in the States, so we did not spend much time on the road. I bitch and moan about how much I have to drive the kids around but its nothing compared to the time I see others on the road.At least here in the States in our attempt to have the good life we end up driving ourselves crazy and doing things we know or bad for our kids and bodies.

  3. Something fun I've followed is every couple years a report on aspirins will come out. First they are good for preventing strokes and then the next report says you shouldn't. Honest to goodness I've followed it for a couple of decades.

  4. I was eating some McDonalds tonight like an animal and just as I was done, told my wife that I can't eat it anymore πŸ˜‰ true story…

  5. Well you may not rant often, but please be my guest. DO it more often. A good rant is like a good fart. May stink when it comes out, but boy does it make you feel better.Over here in the States, we are already used to the idea my age bracket will be working at least part time well into my 70s. Not sure when I'll check out, but the family average seems to be around 75.Hmm. I can sympathize with your knee troubles. I have no delusions I would ever want to drive a truck again. The 17 years doing it ruined my back. I was a furniture mover. And then I got into Nail banging and now 1/2 hour with any hammer larger than 18oz or so and my wrist revolts.Start making some money with your writing or start looking for something else to get into.Owning a Bike shop did it for me. Problem with that is I don't make near the dollars I used to.And anyway, retirement is over rated. Sitting around all day with a cool drink in hand sounds mighty boring – Yeah right.

  6. If I may add my tuppenceworth………so often we slave away, putting aside money for our retirement, worried that we won't cope. But the main problem is having the expectation of a high standard of living in our dwindling years.I'm in the fortunate position that if I had to give up work tomorrow (and listen – I'm seriously considering it!) we could manage. We've concentrated on virtually rebuilding the house and getting it sound, to hopefully avoid any nasty big bills when the regualar day-jobs have gone.I realise we'll have to economise but we'll learn to live within our means. Flash holidays and posh cars have never been part of our lifestyle so there'll be no changes in that area. Maybe a few less trips to the theatre and living simply – and free lesiure pursuits (reading, walking, gardening).Life is a journey – you'll reach your destination sooner or later, so why not sit back and enjoy the ride.

  7. I'm loving the rant, it's one close to my own heart. Which luckily is not too hammered by deep fried salty lard balls…

  8. Paul – You're spot on. I remember when we were kids and going for a burger or having a fish and chips dinner was a once in a while 'treat'. Thnaks, mate.Beach – Likewise, a once in a while treat. Thanks, man.David – I've just read that half an aspirin is good for you…oh, no its not…oh yes it is…oh… :-)Anthony – I say that when I've had something 'naughty'. But, hey, one in a while is okay in okay. Surely. It's when parent take their kids to to Mcd's or KFC most nights of the week because they can't be arsed cooking, that's when it's a problem. Have a treat now and again, mate.Mike – My mind is in overdrive everyday thinking of what I can do other than my current job. Writing for a living would be sooo great, but if that happens, well that's another story. I would like to own/run a coffee and food place so that may be on the cards one day. I could write as well during the quieter times. Either that or I could come and work in your bike shop with you. :-)Sue – This time last year we would have been looking at paying our last mortgage payment. Mortgage free at 40, but how boring would that have been. We should be okay when we get round to selling our 2 houses (Manchester and here) but no doubt the bastards in power will want a hefty chunk and we'll still have to work until we're 70!! I'll sell them on ebay! :-)Paul – You should try the deep fried salty lard balls. They're great washed down with a pint of saturated fat. πŸ™‚ Congrats and good luck by the way!

  9. G

    Both.We are living longer and we are being lied to by the nanny police.Trying to legislate people's behavior (think prohibition here in the states) will ulitmately fail in the long run.Especially if you try to legislate bad behavior. Bad behavior is what drives most budgets for the town/city/state/country. Legislate bad behavior, tax dollars dry up.But I guess thats what all the politicos want: healthy people, bankrupt governments.

  10. G – Thing is though, when is it going to stop? Nutritionists are saying our diets are unhealthy and we're getting worse and then the Government are saying, that according to the medics, we are living longer so we have to work longer before we can claim a pittance of a pension. Lying wankers springs to mind. πŸ™‚

  11. Hey David! We're living longer and our health is getting worse, but medical care is a lot better and more comprehensive than it has ever been. Thank your stars the Govt hasn't figured out that slashing the NHS will also solve the pension crisis. Or maybe they have…

  12. You can have my Funyuns after you pry them from my cold, dead hands, apparently when I'm 86.

  13. Talk about timing – just finished watching the Penn & Teller "Bullshit!" episode that deals with this precise subject, and comes down squarely on the side of people having the sense to moderate their intake without the government getting involved to legislate our freedoms away yet again.http://www.sho.com/site/ptbs/episodes.do?episodeid=136411&ep=802Sometimes you DO have to rant at it all David – good on you.

  14. Pablo – Totally agree with you but why do they still insist on telling us that our kis diets are so wrong and its causing all sorts of illnesses? They are just so full of it. Thanks :-)Randal – 86, are you kidding? Well into you 100's if you believe the shite. And then you'll be too busy working to drop dead. ;-)Chris – A rant is really well worth it sometimes. I'll have another blowout soon enough, no doubt! Thanks, mate. πŸ™‚

  15. I had a "salt coated lard ball" in my mouth once too.Ummmm… hang on … never mind. :PYou know, I get sick of listening to that kind of crap too. Bottom line is that it's all just common sense, right? Everything in moderation. McDonald's isn't going to kill you if you have it once in awhile. Eating it all the time probably will though.I find that we a lot more fast food at this time of the year. We're really busy with soccer, always on the road and/or it's so friggin hot I hate to turn the stove or bbq on.Anyhow, with all of this "balls in the mouth" talk.. I think I'll go lay down for awhile in my room .. with the door closed. :PCiao for Niao!((Hugs))Laura

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