My Story Is Now Up…..

Over at Alan W. Davidson’s blog, Conversations From Land’s Edge, my story is now up for you to read. 

The Millenium Princess

Thanks to Alan for hosting the competition and please take a little time to check out the other competition entries as and when they are posted, and also some of Alan’s writing..

Hope you like it and please leave a comment, even if you didn’t…….



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16 responses to “My Story Is Now Up…..

  1. Thanks to good old J.D.Wetherspoon (cheap food, reasonable beer AND free WiFi!)I was able to read your story over at Land's Edge. (all this, and on holiday too!)Have to say David, it was a very worthy winner – wonderfully descriptive and I enjoyed the twist at the end! And the visual imagery engendered by the portrayal of some of the 'extras' made me grin!Well done, mate!

  2. Sue – Thanks a lot. You're on hols and still you take the time to comment, well, I'm glad I entertained. Now, get back to being on holiday and get some beer drunk! 😉 Hello to Mr H.

  3. I truly enjoyed the wry voice of your tale, David. I felt sorry for the Prime Minister. But masks are all part of the political game, aren't they?

  4. Top job, David. Well deserved 2nd place! Left a comment on the site for you.

  5. Left a comment on the site – but in short- great short!

  6. You knocked it outta the park my man …

  7. Already dropped by and left a comment over there. Awesome story!

  8. Loved the story, laughed all the way through. Just trying to think which Prime Minister. Cameron, maybe, Eton boy, probably played the biscuit game a lot. Probably not Brown, he has an eye for the ladies and the other one goes in a glass of water at beddy-byes. Hmmm, will have to ponder this.

  9. Congrats David, a top tale and I have just left a comment over there.Kind regards.

  10. Looks like some missing comments are up at the blog now, David. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  11. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my story and leave comments. I really appreciate it. Best wishes to all!!

  12. This story is great in so many ways, Davids. I laughed so hard. Wonderful.

  13. Jodi – Thanks so much. I'm glad you had as good a laugh reading as I had when I wrote it.Randal – That will be me. 😉

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