A Competition Success…


Over at Alan W Davidson’s blog, Conversations From Land’s Edge, he recently hosted a competition to celebrate the first year anniversary of his blog.  The competition was open to any genre but had to be 750 words or under and to be based around a celebration.

Today he has announced the winners and honourable mentions and I am really pleased with coming in second place with my story The Millenium Princess.  Alan will be posting the winning story, Festival of the Lift by Mike Robertson of Columbia, today and then mine tomorrow Monday 5th July, followed by third placed K.M. McElhinny of Ohio and her story The Light and Shadows of Independence, which will be posted Tuesday 6th July.

There are also honourable mentions for Pablo Gully and Cathy Olliffe (stories will be posted on Weds, July 7), Anthony Venutolo and John Wiswell (Thursday, July 8), and Michael Solender and Anton Gully (Friday, July 9).

If you can, please find a bit of time in your day to read the above stories and to check out Alan’s blog.

A big thanks to Alan for hosting the competition.  ๐Ÿ™‚

You know the drill…….



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20 responses to “A Competition Success…

  1. Congrats David, reason to be chuffed!

  2. Congratulations to you and all the others!What a great idea. ๐Ÿ™‚ A very unique way to celebrate a blogaversary indeed!I'll pop over later and check it out. (I'm being paged right now with a mighty "MOM"!!!)((Hugs))Laura

  3. Oh, great. Now you're going to become a famous author, so famous that your riches shall dwarf Richard Branson, you'll run for PM, win, increase the size of the British Army, invade the recession-stricken US, take the colonies back, then replace every channel with the BBC, forcing us to watch the next royal wedding.I mean, congratulations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. A deserving entry in a tough field or stories. Well done, David!

  5. Nice work mate, great accolade, looks like you were up against a lot of tough competition as well, chuffed for you!

  6. Many congrats David, I'll pop over and check your tale out later. Well done sir!

  7. Congrats David. Will head on over there tomorrow to check it out. Good stuff.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I may be incommunicado (travelling, without WiFi) for a few days – so if I don't comment straightaway David, it has nothing to do with the quality of your story!Well done, young man, anyway!

  10. More congrats to you, David, and well deserved!

  11. How exciting for you! You must have been jumping up and down this morning when you saw the post! I can hardly wait to read your story. Congratulations, David!

  12. Congrats, Dave. Another credit to add to your CV. Well done to the others mentioned too.

  13. Thanks guys! I was surprised this morning when I found out and then even more surprised when I saw who else was in the contest. Thanks to Alan for hosting the comp and taking the time with the other judges for choosing the eventual winners. Congrats to all.

  14. A belated "atta boy" David. Way to go. I will check out the stories.

  15. Mike & Paul – Thanks guys.

  16. Congrats, David. It was a fantastic story and very fun read.

  17. Outa sight, my man! I'll be sure and check it out when it comes up.

  18. Laurita – Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. I had a smile on my face as I wrote it.Mike – Hope you like mate. Thanks.

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