Photo-Finish Friday…..

This weeks photo was taken on my way back from work on Monday.  I don’t really know much about the area other than the house I was working at was supposedly haunted and the place where I took the photo was a thing of beauty.  The water falls are part of the River Falloch, which then runs into Loch Lomond.

The Falls Of Falloch…

Photo-Finish Friday is a creation of Leah J. Utas

Hope you like.  You know the drill…..



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20 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..

  1. Now that is beautiful, sort of expect to see naked water nymphs or sirens lounging next the water fall.

  2. That's exactly what I was thinking when I took it, Beach. It had that magical/mystical feel to it. Thanks, mate.

  3. Looks like a fine spot! Reminds me of some of the waterfalls we have around here. Remind me to post some of them some time!!

  4. Mesmerizing, beautiful, tragic all in one. Stunning shot.

  5. Paul – I will remind you! Nice to see you about.David – I could have sat there for hours. Thanks.

  6. I'm with Bum. Reminds me of the places in Cantabria (north of Spain) where still have quiet and silence, and one expect to see a Anjana (a female water/woods spirit).A very beautiful waterfall ^^

  7. loverly, I could just dive in!

  8. David, beautiful pic. I'd curl up there. Like Beach Bum I expect to see magical creatures there.

  9. Deka – Gracias.Michael – The water was very inviting!Leah – Thanks. It's a beautiful little spot.

  10. Mr B – reminds me of the old 'Consulate' ciggie ads….'cool as a mountain stream…'Nah, seriously – what a lovely restful picture – I could just kick my shoes off and go for a paddle…..aaaaah, thanks!(btw – Theatre of Blood – I added a PS to your last comment… 😮 )

  11. Thanks Sue. I left a comment. The 'Falls' are a great place. You could sit there for hours with a notebook and pencil, writing away with the noise of the water and wildlife surrounding you. I may just do that one day! 😉

  12. Hmmm.. would it be in poor taste if I said that to me it looked like a good place to have outdoor sex in private??? It's very lovely! :P((Hugs))Laura

  13. Anymore pics like these, David? Spectacular, I have to say!

  14. G

    Very nice and pleasing to the eye.Also therapeutic for the soul.

  15. Looks like a postcard. Wow…

  16. Laura – There's never poor taste on this blog! Thanks.Sue – I've got loads. (I would say that though, as I took them) :-)G – My thought exactly. Thanks mate.Anthony – Thanks, man. I could've sat ther for hours!

  17. Nice photo, David. Have been to the loch a few times, but never seen any of the rivers/creeks flowing into it. Thanks for that one.

  18. Alan – This was maybe a mile or so from the mouth of the Loch. It's a beautiful little place. Glad you liked it. There'll be more to follow to bring back some memories for you. Thanks mate.

  19. You really need to start a photo blog and toss up all you've taken. Now I feel like busting out some Wordsworth and Burns.

  20. Randal – You've got me thinking now. In the meantime, you bust some words out. I'd love to read it, mate.

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