What The F***….

So, it’s been a hot topic for some time now and it seems that Sepp Twatter has got it badly wrong (or right in Germany’s case) in insisting that technology has no place in football.  There have been some very wrong decisions in this World Cup so far, but that was a fucking howler.  The linesman’s job is to keep up with the pace of play and to watch the ‘lines’, hence his job title.  For fuck’s sake, he only has half the pitch to cover. 

Yes, it’s sour grapes!!  I admit that and I even posted this with twenty minutes or so of the game left.  It’s 4-1 as I type.  England players are twats!!  Overpaid arseholes.  If Fabio Crapello used his brain and chose great players from the lower leages in the English game, we’d have won our group with 9 points and maybe gone further because those players would have played their hearts out.  It would have been an honour for them to play for their country instead of the tossers who think its their divine right to play for England because of who they are and who they play for in the Premiership. 

Well, fuck it!!  England proved to the world that they are not superior when it comes to football.  Apparently the Premiership is the best league in the world, well obviously it’s all the foreign players who play in it that make it that way and not our overpaid nancy boys!!

Just saying, that’s all……



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12 responses to “What The F***….

  1. I sense disappointment and hostility…My condolenses mate, they've gone the same path as USA. We have the same issue here picking international squads for hockey. There is too much rewarding of 'the old guard' with guaranteed positions instead of young, determined players earning spots on the team. Youth and determination won for Germany. England did not play with passion and it won't change until they bring in young players hungry for glory. OK, off the soap box now…

  2. Your spot-on Alan. I really feel sorry for younger players these day. I'm Man Utd through and through. Thay had a player who's mum I went to school with and his grandmother is friends with my mother-in-law. He was touted as the next best right back to come through the ranks and was going to go on and play for England etc, etc. He now plays regular for Newcastle and helped them get promotion to the Premiership last season. Man Utd (and other teams) would rather go out and spend gazillions on a player from another country than nurture our own talent these days. It's no wonder that we are shit when it comes down to the main event! My wife has now come home and taken my soap box off me. 🙂

  3. Hey David, I just got up and saw the result. Mate, I feel for you but that result doesn't make our loss to Germany look so bad now :)As for the passion of current players…age and arrogance will never beat skill and desire. And as long as your premiership managers continue to shoot for club glory over England success, things aren't going to get any better. Maybe the FA needs to make a maximum number of imports…say 3 per team. That way, nurturing talent can take place.Oops…didn't even get on the soapbox. Which is a good thing, cos it would be damned icy this morning and I would have crashed like England 🙂

  4. It was a 'bleeh' moment in retrospect. England were rubbish. By the end of the match they couldn't even be bothered. Probabaly had a photo shoot lined up.

  5. I heard the screams coming from the basement of my house! Lot's of "That crossed the line!! Look! I told you it crossed the line!!" and all that kind of stuff…We were disappointed that England lost. They were our next fav's after Italy. :(((Hugs))Laura

  6. Folks no posts for me today. My site has been hacked and trying to figure out how to fix it.

  7. Paul P – There's talk of the 'foreigner' rule coming back. I don't know why they got rid of it.Paul B – It does seem that off the field stuff takes over the on the field job. Their not footballers any more. Celebrity status seems more important.Laura – Thanks for shouting for England. Sadly, it's all over for us both now.Pseudonym – Maybe it's those protestors. 🙂

  8. …..there's a noise of weep and wailing and gnashing of teeth around here! (with a descant of 'we woz robbed')I cannot tell a lie, I'm glad the hysteria is over. But it's a shame for the die-hard fans – including my dear own Mr H.Perhaps in the the next four years we can get some 'real' footballers, not grossly overpaid big-heads who are starting to believe their own publicity!

  9. Sue – Your last comment will never happen. There are young lads chomping at the bit, but their teeth will fall out before they kick a ball for England. It'd down to the FA to sort it out sooner rather than later.

  10. G

    Ahh the joys of disappointment.Perhaps they'll learn a valuable lesson here?

  11. It's time for replays and getting things right. Sorry about the mess up.

  12. Germany just scored again. ;-)Funny how other nations use their youth whereas in Jolly Ole, they're consigned to the bench or worse, because the newest 50 million pound transfer just arrived. More than Capello, more than *chuckle* the long EPL season, that's the reason. That, and John Terry playing defense about as well as I can.

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