Photo-Finish Friday…..Um El Faroud

Thanks to Leah J. Utas for creating Photo-Finish Friday.  Please check out her blog, The Goat’s Lunch Pail.

Um El Faroud.

This weeks photo was taken on a diving holiday a few years ago in Malta.  It was a wreck dive to the Um El Faroud, a Libyan motor tanker that was sunk in 1995 after a gas explosion. 

As you dive down to it, and its sheer size becomes visible, you get a really eerie feeling.  It is huge!  We penetrated (Ooherrr missus!) the ship, but due to its depth and air constraints/time at that depth, we could only go so far in.  The photo was taken on deck, and I thought the air bubbles escaping gave the ship a certain…life! 

Hope you like it.  You can leave a comment if you did, or if you didn’t…..



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16 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..Um El Faroud

  1. I wish I could dive, I took a weeks worth of instruction only to blow out my ear on 1st dive and be told by a dr. i could NEVER dive again…looks cool, I am jealous..

  2. Thanks Michael. I've not dived for a while due to work and kids but it's awesome. I got to Divemaster level. Next step was asst instructor and then instructor. Things you stop doing for kids. They are worth it. I've still got all my gear so will start again one day.

  3. Great pic. I'm scared to dive, but the idea fascinates me. Thanks for the look.

  4. Leah – Thanks. I used to dive with my wife up until she had our children. It was only after that that she told me she never really enjoyed it. It scared her. Our very first "qualified" dive was in the Maldives and we ended up at a depth of 37 mtr. She's a brave women and silly for basically doing it for me. She's great but has never dived since. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Excuse me???"dive down""sheer size""it is huge""we penetrated""could only go so far in"Why David Barber! I do believe you are a quite the effing pig! Which is fine cause .. I do love that.I'm just sayin…. :PThat is a wonderful picture. I envy people that can do such things. I'm NOT a water person. (was thrown off a dock by a bunch of a-holes when I was 15, got caught in some shit underneath and almost drowned). I would be SO scared doing something like that. I wouldn't even be able to put the gear on. :P((Hugs))Laura

  6. creepy and sad at the same time when you think about how we people are leaving mess and pollution everywhere :((

  7. I've always been fascinated by diving programmes (ah, Jacques Cousteau….) and love the sense of mystery and discovery, as well as seeing the unusal and exotic marine-life.As for donning snorkel and flippers – no way! Not since a near-drowning incident in my formative years.I'm happy to watch through a lens.More pics like this, David?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Laura – ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you liked the photo…and my use of words!Dezmond – At no point on the dive did I mess myself or pollute the ocean. And for the record, as a diver in a 'club', we used to do beach clean-ups.Sue H – It's a feeling that you can't quite describe. When a diver gets his/her buoyancy right, it's like being weightless, almost like flying. It's a fantastic sport to try. To see the sea-life in their natural habitat is awesome, and when we went to the Maldives there were sharks (white tip reef sharks) swimming a few meters below us. Its just great!!

  10. Great pic… This is coming from a guy who doesn't swim.

  11. Thanks, Anthony. It really was a great dive!

  12. Very cool, I'd love to see more shots from this dive! Shots? Oh crap, I've been infected by sunshine's milk in bags.

  13. David, how deep was was the ship? I scuba dived years ago but fell out of it once I had a family. Great picture, if you ever get on this side of the pond we can head down to Florida and dive an aircraft carrier that was sunk a few years back. I'll have to rent every damn thing but I can swing that.

  14. Randal – I'll post what photo's I have. I only had a 35mm camera in a housing, so they're not that great.Beach – That would be fantastic. I have some spare regs and a mask etc. All I need to do is tell the wife I have a huge tiling job in America and I'm there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Now that's a unique looking pic. I've never dived but always have wanted too.

  16. David – Thanks mate. It's a great experience. Not so great over here in the UK. Some coastal dives are fine but I've dived in quarries where you can't see your hand in front of your face. That's a pure adrenalin rush though!

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