Photo-Finish Friday….Loch Tay And A Scottish Crannog

This photo was taken on the “beach” at the head of Loch Tay, in Kenmore.  Just to the left of the island of trees is a Scottish Crannog.  Click here to find out more about the ancient dwelling.

Thanks to Leah J. Utas for Photo-Finish Friday.  Please take some time and visit her site, The Goat’s Lunch Pail.

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12 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday….Loch Tay And A Scottish Crannog

  1. Wow, what a beautiful pic. It looks so serene.

  2. It looks so peaceful. Well done, David. I had no clue about the Crannog. It's fascinating.

  3. Thanks, ladies. It is so scenic round the Loch Tay area. I was lucky enough to be working there for a couple of months. The photo on my blog header was taken from a place called Fearnan, which is and samll area off to the right on the post photo. Thanks for looking and glad you liked it.

  4. That's fascinating about the crannogs. I'd never heard about that before. I always thought that our forebearers lived in caves (eating their enemies over opin spits). It's interesting to know that the native people went back thousands of years.

  5. Gosh … that's the opposite of where I am. All I see at times are skylines, factories and rowhouses… Thanks for posting!

  6. Thanks guys. Alan, I've started writing a story about a cave dwelleing family. I'll let you know when I'm about to post it/send it out.Anthony, that's pretty much all I saw most of my life living back in Manchester. It's fantastic up here and the weather at the moment is excellent.

  7. Beautiful pics, once again, Mr B! You are so lucky to have that virtually on your doorstep.Reminds me…..I need a holiday.

  8. Definitely would make a great place to vacation or write a book… hmmm the thought sits well in my mind… 🙂

  9. Sue, I've always said that if we got the weather in the UK (at the moment we have) then you wouldnt need to go abroad for your hols. Thanks for looking.

  10. Nic, I starterd writing again not long after we moved up here. It certainly does inspire. Have a great weekend.

  11. I could spend some time there. Sharp looking photo.

  12. Thanks, David. It really is a great place to just chill out.

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