Roman Candle….

Over at Lily Child’s blog Lily Child’s Feardom, she does a Friday Prediction.  She posts 3 words every Friday and you can come up with a story using all 3 words with a 100 word max.  You then leave your story as a comment to the post.  The following piece was inspired by her post last Sunday (She was a couple of days late).  It was originally 131 words (I didn’t know the rules when I wrote it) and is in the comments on her site here.  I have changed it slightly and tightened it up, taking a couple of her words out.  Let me know what you think and get over there and give her challenge a go.

Roman Candle…

Roman was a first class arsehole, the lowest form of scum that God created, so it was with great delight as I watched his body go up in flames. He’d supplied too much contaminated cocaine and I couldn’t let that go unpunished.

His screams were short lived as the petrol soaked sock in his mouth set alight and started melting his throat. His head twisted from side to side, reminding me of an owl but a lot less elegant. The thrashing about soon stopped as his soul left his body, dancing with the flames on its way to Hell.


You know the drill……….



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9 responses to “Roman Candle….

  1. Short and sweet mate, i like it. Plenty of over and undertones that lend themselves to imagining the rest of the story. Top job.

  2. I think this version is better, David. But what a way to go!

  3. Thanks guys. I like little tests like this. Give it a go. 🙂

  4. David, any time a writer can tell a story in that sort of word count…I am amazed. Great job, mate, and I am going over now to have a look! Thanks!

  5. It's quite a challenge to get in under the 100-word count, David! Your edited version slips uner the bar by one word. Better than my attempt the other week: you, it came in spot on 100 and had the required nominated words!How chuffed was I? 😉 )

  6. It's a great piece David. Absolutely love the imagery, and a very satisfying punishment. Think I'll give this week's a go myself – is that allowed? Hey, it's my blog and I wrote the rules, of course it's allowed!Spore, Fenian, Metamorphosis in 100 words or less. The challenge is on.

  7. Man … gruesome and effective, David…

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