Reading In The Bath…What’s Your Opinion?

Reading In The Bath…

Ok. Picture the scene. The bath is full of steaming hot water. The bubbly foam is covering its surface and the vapours of steam are escaping through the breaks in the bubbles. It’s beautiful, and then I jump in and disturb all the serenity.


Serious now.  After the usual of getting our girls ready for bed and the reading of stories, I thought I’d have a change and take a soak instead of a shower, so with glass of wine and book at the ready, I indulged.

It was only at the end of the above activity that this post came to mind. I’d just finished my glass of wine, (Yes, I’m in touch with my feminine side) and for some reason I closed my current read (John Connolly – The Black Angel) and ‘fanned’ the pages from back to front. What a smell! Musty, old, papery, stale…whatever scents come to mind. Fantastic!

Now, how am I going to be able to recreate that with an e-reader? A Kindle, a Sony, an iPad? I can’t fan one of those and get that aroma, unless they have an application for ‘scratch n sniff’.

I could have nodded off in the bath, dropped my paperback in the water and read it the day after, when it had dried out.  Fair enough, it may have had the added scent of clary sage and sea mineral, but it would have survived the dunking. The only thing that would have happened with an e-reader would have been an interesting explanation for an insurance claim and the risk of frying my balls!

I’m sorry, but I just can’t see the positive side of these things.  It’s only my opinion, so come on, what’s yours?



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16 responses to “Reading In The Bath…What’s Your Opinion?

  1. I personally like real books better but I read tons of stuff off the internet which if they can be downloaded onto a Kindle, iPad, or Sony reader would be a big help to my eyes. Sitting at a desk reading stories off the computer screen is bad for my eyes and back. I could print stuff out, and have, but it gets expensive with the ink and paper.Will pop a top off a beer in a few minutes, go out on the deck, and enjoy a nice Florida breeze in a few minutes think further about what you wrote.

  2. I long wrote off books in the bath after I dropped a comic book in the bath when I was a teen.But that said, I love listening to music (jazz), podcasts or even the occasional e-book.

  3. You're so funny (scratch n sniff app). I don't have a kindle or such, but I've dropped MANY paperbacks in the tub. Often my favorites. The best part is they survive to see another day.

  4. Not sure we have enough time or space for me to vent my comments on this topic.Suffice to say I dislike e-readers with a passion…wait, no more than that…even more than THAT…You get the picture!!

  5. Books are unbeatable in the sesnsory feedback department. BUT a book just isn't a gadget. Plus, think of the space you'd save for your collection of bath ils and wine …

  6. As a frequent bath-reader I thinks books are best – for the reasons already outlined.As for Kindles and other e-readers, I suppose they have their place, but you can't beat the feel of flipping the pages of a book! Mind you, I'm not so keen on taking library books into the bathroom. Aside from having to pay replacement costs for any possible damage, there is another reason – you don't know where they've been :-o(and believe me there are some seedy characters wandering in and out of libraries…)

  7. G

    Okay, for a minute there, I had a visual that truly frightened me. :DI don't own a Kindle/Sony/I-Pad reader, nor do I intend to get one.I spend enough hours in my daily like in front of a computer and with the amount of reading I do on it (work and relaxtion), the last think I want to do is take a small electronic gizmo that my current physical malady prevents me from not only gripping properly but also using those tiny buttons to turn the pages and what not.Sorry, but I'm at the point where all my electronic media now has to be at the equivalent of a large print book.

  8. Mmmm I love to soak in the tub. I've even been known to take a book in from time to time as well.I don't think I'd like the Kindle's or whatever they are called. I never say never though. :PI've been trying to think of something good to come back at you with as a kind of payback for the "fingered" comment but.. I've got nothing. I'm too tired. Sigh.. :PI will get you back someday though.. :P((Hugs))Laura

  9. Preach it, brother. Technology, yay, but the reading of book isn't merely mental. There's a physical component, it's tactile, and the smells, too, especially of an older tome (some of these chemicals in the glue of today's paperbacks, yikes) only add to the experience.

  10. As i only have a shower, i think a kindle would actually be easier as i could leave my arms out of the shower! Either that, or i could get an E-reader plumbed into the wall and that way i could stand there and read for hours. I'd probably end up looking like prune though…

  11. New here and glad I found you. You're being followed.

  12. A book in the bath is bliss, so relaxing. I'm not against e-books in any way but I love the feel and the smell of REAL books. Also, I read before I go to sleep – lying on my side. I can't imagine wanting to do that with an I-Pad or whatever, especially as I usually spend at least ten hours a day burning my eyeballs with a screen.Just a word of warning, Mr Barber; wine… clary sage… never the twain shall meet! Unless you want nightmares and shrivelling hangovers. Just an old aromatherapist looking out for you!!!

  13. I was about to agree with you wholeheartedly David, as I find excessive on-screen reading to be disastrous – when I picked up my "hold" from the library, only to discover the paperback is alive with the scents of cigarettes and bacon grease.Ugh.

  14. You said balls…tehe.I'm currently on the fence with Ereaders. They're coming- no doubt about it- and with Google Editions on the way, the landscape will change and you'll see publishers jumping in with everything they've got. Still, important books (to me), will always be purchased via the paper variety.As far as reading in the tub goes…too hot down here for that, but if it feels good, do it.

  15. I am SO GLAD that I'm not the only one who admits to being a bathtub reader! Yes, I too have nodded off and dunked a few books, and after letting them dry out, have continued reading them! Can I tell you David – this just made my day! I agree, besides, I have a hard enough time staring at a computer screen all day, why would I ever want to do it when I'm trying to wind down and relax? I totally agree, A book in hand is the way to go, not some gadgit.

  16. Good shout, Dave.The book wins hands down for me – the feel, the smell, that excited turn of the page when you're hooked. I love being surrounded by books, glancing up at the shelves to see which one I will devour next. No chance of buying an e-reader here.

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