I’ve been away for a short time due to work commitments. I’ve also been learning Yoga and below are the photo’s from my classes. Hope you enjoy them.

This is the Savasana, which is the position of total relaxation.
This is the Balasana, which brings the sensation of peace and calm.
This is the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana.  In this position it calms the brain and heals tired legs.
This is the Marjayasana Position, which stimulates the midriff area and the spinal column.
This is the Halasana position.  Excellent for back pain and insomnia.
This is the Dolphin position. Excellent for the shoulder area, thorax, legs and arms.
This is the Salambhasana .  A great exercise to stimulate the lumbar area, legs, and arms.
This is the Malasana. This position, for ankles and back muscles.

This is the Ananda Balasana.  This position is great for massaging the hip area.
I sincerely hope that you support me on my latest venture.  It really is good for the mind, as you don’t remember anything about the pain of getting into the above positions.  It’s relatively cheap in that you don’t need any special clothing, just what you are wearing but I do remember going to a couple of the classes with a large amount of cash on me and then waking the next day with loose change in my pocket…?
It’s not true of course….I’m just working like an idiot and sometimes thinking I’d rather be in their positions.  🙂


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20 responses to “Hello….

  1. Ha! Very funny David :-)But don't try to kid us it's NOT true – this is really what you're like after a night (or day) out on the tiles ( literally ;-p )

  2. David, good of you to pose for all those pics. Remind me never to do yoga!!Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  3. Hope the yoga thing helps with the back. I hurt mine years ago while unloading trucks in a department store and it still flares up once in a while. Regular stretching helps a lot. Maybe I'll give yoga a go one day. I understand that photos #2, 4 and 9 depict moves popular with the yoga types in Barlinnie prison.

  4. Just like Manchester at the weekend 🙂

  5. G

    I actually saw that third one quite a few years ago, but it was funny then and incredibly funny now.Glad to hear that you're now incredibly flexible. I imagine that you could do some nifty writing in those positions.

  6. Brilliant. You've got the same yoga teacher as me!

  7. I was a little nervous scrolling down, waiting to see myself contorted and slumbering after a messy day on the pop. A feeling of 'phew' at the end. Great post Dave

  8. I was traveling, checked my Blackberry and saw that you were doing Yoga. Something distracted me and I didn't get back to your blog entry until today. But fleetingly, I thought that is interesting that Barber is doing Yoga. And now I haven't stopped chuckling since I've seen the full post. Funny, funny pics!

  9. What, no porcelain altar worship positions? Best wishes and come back soon. I'm going on vacation in five days and will be dodging oily tar balls down in Florida.

  10. I am familiar with one or two of those positions. As you get older though it becomes more difficult to engage as your body is less forgiving.

  11. Hey! I think Randal used one of those photos awhile back.Hmmm… I guess he's into Yoga too! :PGlad that you are keeping busy. Miss your stories though I totally understand. Life will slow down at some point and you will be back. :)((Hugs))Laura

  12. Cheered me up, David… Thanks so much. Glad to see you're back!

  13. What a great laugh David. You just made my week I think! Miss seeing your posts and comments… I think we must be in a similar boat. Well ok maybe not, but vacationing from writing possibly.Hope things are going well, best wishes…

  14. Your form in the Balasana is just a little too good…know what I mean? Get where I'm coming from?Good to see you back blogging!

  15. HAHA! Next time I go flop on a park bench I'll tell my girlfriends I was out doing yoga. ;p Very funny, mister! Good to see you back.

  16. Practicing for the inevitable English World Cup flameout, huh. 😉

  17. Thanks for staying around guys. I'll try a bit harder now my work schedule has sorted itself out. Best wishes!Randal…BRING IT ON BIG BOY!!!!

  18. Twisted stuff, David! I hate yoga. That's about how it makes me feel afterwards.Thanks for stopping by. Everybody needs a good break.

  19. Fantastic. And I thought I was doing well with yoga on the Wii Fit, when all I needed was copious amounts of alcohol (how come I never discovered this before, what with all the practice 'n'all?)Namasté – hic.

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