This And That…

For some reason, I’m feeling quite patriotic at the moment.  It may have something to do with the fact that I heard we have a hung parliament.  I actually got all excited.  I thought that because nobody won, they were going to hang all the lying, bullshitting, grandmother selling arseholes.  But no!  Two bullshitters are to become one.  God help us!

Anyway, this week on the blogosphere we have a great interview from Alan Griffiths.  He’s a superb writer and the link takes you directly to his blog, where you’ll find some great pieces of fiction, as well as a link to said interview.

The above interview was carried out by non other than Paul D. Brazill.  Now here’s a fellow that needs no introduction at all, but he has a great new piece of fiction over at Thrillers, Killers ‘n Chillers.

Lee Hughes has been a bit quiet of late, working on various projects, but has just had a great piece published on A Twist Of Noir.

Matt Hilton, who needs no introductions, had a post today informing us of a forthcoming novel by Adrian Magson called Red Station.  I was lucky enough to meet Adrian at Matt Hilton’s latest book launch, and he’s a great bloke with plenty of time and advice for aspiring writers.

Last, but by no means least, why don’t you click your way over to Col Bury’s blog.  Although he’s on a break at the moment, he’s got some great pieces of fiction over there and a few excellent author interviews.



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14 responses to “This And That…

  1. I've seen most of these links but I appreciate the couple I missed.

  2. Great PR for all, David… Will stop by those joints and check 'em out.

  3. Nice 'Brit blog post', Dave n thanks for the shout.You beat me to the 'hung' joke (LOL), but I'm still not sure that Cameron isn't the same person as Clegg – it's amazing what one can do with technology these days. They spend the whole campaign slagging each other off then they jump into bed together. Suppose we'll just have to see how it all pans out.I've read all the other stuff you mentioned except Lee n Paul's stories which I'll look forward to reading with a nice cup of tea (how English?) over the weekend.

  4. Cheers for the hat tip and the links!

  5. *bump* to remain on christmas card list!

  6. He, he, he…hung parliament. I daresay you've made it on the 'blacklist' now, mate! Canadian politics is just as baffling. Whichever government is current does things to prolong their power or save their butts, not what is best for people and country.

  7. Cheers for the hat-tip Dave. I have been a little quiet but will be making some noise over the next week or so. That one on a Twist of Noir, next Friday I have another new one going up at The New Flesh Magazine. Hopefully hearing back on a few others too.

  8. Howdy David,I'll join in the gang thanking you for the hat tip. Much appreciated, bud.I've had the pleasure of reading both Lee and Pual B's latest offerings and have to say it's been a damn good week for stories in the blogosphere. Loved them both.

  9. Thanks guys and you are more than welcome. I'll be plugging a few of my overseas mates in the next few days or so. Have a great weekend!!

  10. Thanks for all the links, David. I took the opportunity to look in on Adrian Magson – quite surreal as I was listening to his "No tears for the Lost" on audio-book at the time.

  11. I'll check them all out tonight while at work.

  12. I'm all for hung parliaments and congresses and committees.Still bitter about 1776, ain't ya. 😉

  13. all you brits know your crime for sure and the best on the telly is for certain the beeb. we yanks just know from really big guns. BOOM. boring..

  14. Just seen your hat-tip David, many thanks for that, much appreciated.Kind regards.

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