The New Flesh….My Story Is Now Up.

A big THANK YOU  to the excellent editors, William Pauley III and Suzie Bradshaw, over at The New Flesh have been good enough to publish one of my stories.  Feeder, which appeared on this blog back in January, is now up on their great site.

Click HERE to read my story and please, while you are there, have a look around as there are some great stories up there.

This story was my first venture into the horror/vampire world, so please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the story.  Leave comments at the site or here. (Or both if you wish.)  They are very much appreciated.

Hope you enjoy and many thanks.



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13 responses to “The New Flesh….My Story Is Now Up.

  1. I have to be honest, David, I'm not really into the vampire genre, but trying to have an open mind I read your story, FEEDER.Well written (as usual!) but you know, I felt the vampire in question had a sense of justice, attacking the attacker. I wasn't prepared for that!I'm still undecided about the final outcome – can't make up my mind whether beauty defeated the bloodlust (…or not!?)So, consider this something of a coup – I probably wouldn't have read it if it had been written by any other author!

  2. …BTW – forgot to say, I really enjoyed it, too!

  3. Thanks Sue. As is usual with my stories, I try and leave a bit of an open end as I will probably write a follow up. 😉 BTW – Have you read my contest entry DID HE FLY? yet…??

  4. I look forward to reading that. I really like The New Flesh and don't read it as much as I'd like to. Will rectify that, soonest.

  5. felt like a noir at points… which is awesome that you can blend the two genres…

  6. Paul, David & Anthony – Thanks for looking and glad you enjoyed it. Your comments are much appreciated.

  7. I stopped by and commented. Great story!

  8. Mr B – I did read 'DID HE FLY?' and thought my comment had been posted, but obviously not! So, just been back and done that ;-)Keep up the good work – am always fascinated to read your stuff and Paul G's (and of course Messrs Hilton and Bury!) – there's an added dimension in that I can actually imagine your voices as I'm reading….and since the S&B launch, Joe Hunter seems to have developed a 'Cumbrian' accent ;-p

  9. I dug it when you first put it up, and very glad to see it appearing elsewhere! Almost makes up for the fact that you're a Man U fan. 😉

  10. Left a comment on the site David. Excellent write as always.

  11. Still planning on a flash piece May 3?

  12. Laurita, Sue, Randal, Chris – Thanks a lot guys. Appreciate you taking the time to read it and leave a comment.Patti – Yes, I hope to have it posted over trhe weekend.

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