Some More Photos You May Enjoy…

Back in March, I posted some photo’s that I had taken of the area and surroundings of where we live.  Click here to see the previous post.

I thought I would post a few more for you to look at.  I hope you enjoy them and you maybe get some inspiration from one or two of them.

Down by the Loch, a mile or so from our home.
My little man, who passed away a few years ago.  This photo was taken on a perfect winters evening at the above Loch when we used to stay at the Lochside Cabins before we moved up here.  “Charlie” is a permanent fixture on my blog!
On a small ‘burn’ (stream) from above Loch.
‘Lady Mary’s Walk’, which starts at the side of our home.
Just a great, relaxing place.
I wonder if they’re ‘magic’?????
A ‘howling’ good photo!  ๐Ÿ™‚
Loch Earn.  A different day than the one on my previous ‘photo’ post.
This little fellow just wasn’t camera shy at all.
Nature resembling the animal world.  On a walk in the next village, Comrie.
“Darling, not in the garden!”
All the above photos have been taken by myself so no complaints about copyright etc, etc.
Hope you like them.  If you do, please leave a comment and let me know.  Thanks for looking.


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13 responses to “Some More Photos You May Enjoy…

  1. Just a great, relaxing place.Amen.

  2. Looks like God's country to me… Gorgeous

  3. Ganning oot taking photies, Do you not have a telly Dave?Seriously, great pics. Especially like the one of the tree tops with the day-moon just above, reminds me of my days on the Forest moon of Endor.

  4. Beautiful photos, David. I esp. like the one titled 'Lady Mary's Walk' – taken through the tree branches it's perfectly framed.The 'howling' moon one would inspire a variety of stories!You should work for the Scottish Tourist Board – M and I are now thinking of taking another trip up over the Border….

  5. Spectacular that rainbow shot over the loch and between the hills, mate and I see those horny little mites have made another guest appearance! I'm proud to say I've met Charlie Barber and he was a little cracker. Loved them all. Gonna have to take a trip up there this summer, Dave.

  6. G

    Fantastic. Must be heaven in the summertime.

  7. What the hell man, it's like Lyrical Ballads come to life. You've got some beautiful scenery around you. Get off the computer and go play outside! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. "Nature resembling the animal world."So, there's Nessie!

  9. David!They are all absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful place you live in. :)Charlie was too cute. ๐Ÿ™‚ So sorry that you lost your friend. Any plans to get another??Thanks for sharing those pictures. They are all lovely. ((Hugs))Laura

  10. "Down by the Loch, a mile or so from our home."Dude….. I would be packing a bottle and walking a mile almost every night! I live about a mile from a pretty neato lake. I must try to send photos….. just to do a little quid pro quo…… those are really cool.

  11. Thanks to you all for looking and leaving a comment. Appreciate it and I may post some more in the future. Cheers! :-)Laura, when the kids get a little older we will be looking at a new dog. My girls already want to call him Charlie. ???

  12. Wow.Just wow. You live in a beautiful area. I especially like the "mary's walk". The green practically jumps off the page.Gorgeous photography. I feel like I've just had a breath of fresh country air.

  13. I love them all! When you wake up, check the lawn, because I might be camping out there in a sleeping bag. Maybe I'll bring my own doggie, a Bearded Collie named Grover, to visit his ancestor's homeland. He looks like your sweet Charlie's cousin. And that sunset…

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